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Little Jews

I mentioned before that Portnoy’s Complaint started with Portnoy proving he was a good man. But every instance of his being a good man was what he did for Jews.

Portnoy’s Complain, as I said, was a best-seller among Jews because it expressed their own internal psychoanalysis, and among gentiles because this as a new, unguarded frankness about Jews, a new thing to them.

A major theme every good Jew hears every Saturday is how everybody else is bad to Jews. If sermon after sermon in a church declared how evil the Jews are to everybody else, it would be suppressed.

Jews are raised on resentment. I have often said that today’s Christianity is just self-hatred and today’s Judaism consists entirely of feeling sorry for themselves.

The influence of churches on Western gentile thinking does not end when a person becomes a lapsed Catholic or an agnostic Protestant. New England’s rabid intolerance of and hostility to the West and the South, including that of the Kennedys, is straight out its Puritan background.

Harvard persecutes those who are suspected of believing in heresy as Cotton Mather did.

Jews do not leave their resentments when they leave the synagogue.

An American Jew invented the term “melting pot,”, Emma Lazarus declared America open to all other peoples, but in her time she was better known as a crusading Zionist, seeking a homeland for Jews only.

Franz Boas introduced the idea that all non-whites had a common cause with Jews. To him, anybody who was not a white gentile was the common enemy. He was a Marxist, but his thinking came straight out of his childhood religion, just as that of Harvard does.

Benjamin Franklin points out that, though he was a Free Thinker, he doubted he would have had his dedication to Morality and the Virtues if he had not been raised in a strictly Christian household.

Jews are dedicated to their own, as Portnoy details. It never occurs to him otherwise. Many great truths are spoken of only in jest.

And this truth is critical to us. Jews as a group are fanatically devoted to minorities against whites because resentment is their morality. They are ferocious when they get on the race issue because to them non-whites are honorary Jews, little Jews.

I think that is what made Germany go Nazi. German Jews were solidly Communist before Hitler entered politics. Even a Jew has written a book about how the sudden rise of Communism terrified the Germans and he blames that as much as the genetic Evil of Germans for Hitler’s rise. He got a lot of criticism, but the book got published.

Mantra Thinking sees what is actually there. White suicide as our morality owes more to our own Traditional Values, from Zoroaster through Saint Paul, than it does to the Jews. Latin countries were pushing “asimilacion” centuries before Franz Boas was born.

Jewish hostility, everyone must now agree that Jews are immune to simple Hate, is endemic.

We Christians must see and overcome our self-hatred. If Jews do not similarly overcome their hostility to those around them, they must be expelled.