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Mantra Thinking and the Gurus

Our use of the term Mantra Thinking could sound strange to the Beatles in their New Age time with guru in the sixties or to the 90s New Age fad. To them a Mantra is something to clear the mind of all thought.

To them, the word mantra is from later, colored India. India turned brown, stagnated, and died. Those who have not outgrown their college education assume that Real Wisdom comes from the places that have turned brown, stagnated, and mummified.

The other use of the word mantra today is something that repeats and repeats, which is part of our program. But the phrase Mantra THINKING sounds strange in that use, too. They see a mantra entirely as repetition.

White India developed the aquatic rice that made regimented China one-fifth of the world’s population for the last two thousand years. Its Mantras were not Wise Ways blanking your mind or creating incomprehensible tomes, but a kind of thinking that took a low-yield land product and transformed it as utterly as the whale changed as it went from a four-footed small omnivore to the Blue Whale and dolphin.

This was the kind of mind that we now go to for its colored descendants’ poverty and mindlessness.

Everything we talk about here relates, and one can only understand this by seeing clearly that we are still Aryans, and we use the term Mantra in the same sense our white Indian relatives did.

Today the words Indian Mantra means something that sounds profound but is actually meaningless. It is meaningless because white India did not say this sort of thing as an end but as a beginning.

We call them axioms. We call them Basic Laws.

Yes, we repeat our Mantra, but we repeat it the way a person educating a people has to begin by repeating the alphabet. We do not feel that the end result should be people sitting and repeating the alphabet as a Wise Saying in a money-raising pamphlet.

The alphabet is a necessary repeat for one to enter the world of literacy. The Mantra is a weapon in itself, but it also frees the mind to see the world as a whole. When you see white genocide for what it is, you can begin to see a whole new world of thought.

Axioms lead to postulates. Supply and Demand are not the end, they are the beginning. I think our ancient cousins would have understood perfectly the Laws of Thermodynamics are not just words to be repeated as you sit there with a begging cup in front of you or to impress rich New Agers with.

To the gurus with the Cadillacs, the term Mantra Thinking would be a super no-no.

The New Age use of the word mantra reflects an awful tragedy.

If we “brown out,” I can see people calling themselves “humble scientists” sitting there repeating mysterious equations with their begging cups, or becoming advisors of their brown Raja in the name of the Ancient Wisdom that once went to the Moon.

The danger of going brown is seen only if we use real, Aryan Mantra Thinking which BEGINS with wisdom and proceeds FROM there.