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The Indian Industry

Norman G. Finkelstein’s book, the Holocaust Industry, impressed me because he is the only writer I know of who follows my question, “Why is this information being produced?”

The usual explanation of why all other Holocausts are ignored, including the greatest of all by the revered Mao Tse-Tung, is that there is a group of absolute geniuses with big noses who meet together regularly and rule the world.

“Why is this information being produced” just lacks the sex appeal of a single Conspiracy. But if you are doing political analysis for a living you can’t afford nonsense for fun.

The media concentrate on Jews because the Jews are critical to anyone who wants to make a living in the media. The Holocaust, among other things is, as Finkelstein details, an industry.

A major theme of our information-based society is what information people with money want to defend. You can say what you like about one of the many automobile companies that ceased to exist in the first half of the twentieth century, but you had better watch what you say when you discuss any Ford, including the T-Model.

Pre-Columbian America is discussed with the Indian Industry listening to every word. Indians receive billions every year from the government because “The white man took America from them.” The whole new and enormous gambling industry Indians alone are allowed to have without restrictions makes Indian history a matter over which a historian can end up in court.

The Indian Industry, like the Black Industry, is depended on by vast numbers of whites as a source of income. What happened in America fourteen thousand years ago is seen by many as a theoretical concern. But any twiddling with the idea that Indians are the natives is of immediate concern to a giant industry.

You will not see this discussed anywhere except BUGS, because no Indian Finkelstein has come forward to write about it.

Always before anyone who said that Europeans were here before Indians was instantly labeled anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjewsjews — a term we need to use more — but now a theory says that and is being accepted with an astonishing calm.

This acceptance, or at least this debate, which would once have been simply met with a shriek of “naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews!” and then silence on the part of its proponent, can be explained only if you are practiced in the question of “Why was this information produced?”

As I mentioned in my last book, the disappearance of the mammoths and other species fourteen thousand years ago in America was once comfortably blamed on the simultaneous invasion of Man from across the Ice Age Bering Strait land bridge.

That information was welcome because it blamed this horror on Man. This was in full accordance with the Environmentalist Industry. If you don’t think in terms of Conspiracies, you see that no group agreed on it at once and plotted it out carefully

I see that this welcome bit of information was accepted, but, as environmentalism because that Italian playing an Indian with a tear in his eye over what Evil Whites did to His Land, Indians became different from the hated Man of the Environmental Industry.

It blamed the Indian, who loved Brother Buffalo so much, that as his first act in this new land, wiped out a major part of its fauna!

I have pointed out how documentaries usually end with the Sermon at the end, telling how the events it is discussing fit into the Party Line on history or whatever other subject it deals with. The Sermon at the end of this one was a work of art.

I get complaints if my pieces are too long, so I’ll explain this in The Indian Industry 2.