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If People Don’t Think, You Don’t NEED a Cover Up

Why is information produced?

The official media figure for male homosexuals is 10%. No one asks where it came from. It came from a Kinsey Report, Sexual Behavior In The Human Male, in the 1950s. The Kinsey study was known by all because it had lots of headlines in it for newspapers in an age when sex was not openly discussed much.

No one knows where this came from. Kinsey was himself a homosexual, and half of his study subjects were in prison. So when he reported that 10% of males were homosexuals, he also found that half of all males had had homosexual sex.

In the 1950s prison a solid majority of males had had homosexual sex. In fact, one of the reasons so many less prisoners today do NOT have this unwelcome experience is because we talk about it, and it can be reported.

The best estimate I have seen in a careful study of the subject estimated the percentage of male gays at about 1.4%. This was barely covered in the media, and it is unlikely that more will be financed.

The media and the activists like that 10% figure, so the boat is very unlikely to be rocked again.

I am an interrogator. It often struck me that the WWII types and soldiers since have a note in their voices when they speak of their worshipped sergeants, their first ones, that one only hears in a person who is speaking of an old love affair.

From one perspective the entire theory of basic training in WWII and long after was to make the recruits into the submissive females and the sergeants into the dominant males.
“Basic training” was sloppy and it consisted entirely of making young men accept sado-masochism.

It’s kind of odd, in a society where everything is interpreted sexually, that I am the one to mention this.

There was an island in the Pacific where the officer’s club consisted almost entirely of men who had been in combat and were going back in. They were the Greatest of the Greatest Generation.

The ranking officer there would regularly go to the officers’ club, get drunk, and assault junior officers. One young officer hit him back. Her was court-martialed and went to prison.

He went to prison because not one single Hero of the Greatest Generation would say, on the stand, that the senior officer beat on younger officers in that club all the time.

The officer who went to prison was a man who had been in combat, and a captain. Now try to imagine what would happen to recruit in Basic if he reported sissy boy activity against him by his sergeant.