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Information: What and WHY

I just wrote an article about the cover up of gay activity by the military in World War II.

Now that women are being brought into the service in large numbers, we all know about scandals that have surfaced, and we also know how hard it is for even a woman to report abuse and how it is impossible for her to have a career in the service afterwards.

We all know how prisons are and how they were when a man who reported only got the report as far as the inmate who killed him. We all know the British “public,” meaning private schools, were all male and homosexual activity was a norm. CS Lewis talks about it as a given.

This is why “Why is this information produced?” is such a critical concern.

There is not a single well-known book about how any of the twelve million Americans in uniform was sexually harassed and how the brass covered it up. Such a book would have had twelve million screaming enemies for whoever was responsible for it.

Kinsey’s “Study,” which was one-half prisoners, is quoted as Gospel, not because it was anything LIKE scientific, but because the information produced suited the purposes of a lot of people.

If such truths were ever allowed out, a generation that controls most of national wealth would be in the position of Catholic priests today. How can a man in an all-male institution protect himself from a charge of homosexuality? Every member of that generation would be tainted.

That information is not produced.

And the fact that we never concentrate on why information is produced is what makes the suppression so vigorous. If we looked at this sort of thing the way we look at ex-convicts, that a lot of them were probably forced to have same-sex and others got to like it, it might be discussed.

But when this came out about the priests, it was a huge blow to the Church and made men who had dedicated their lives to the Church ashamed of their collars.

By now we all know that what makes most really huge scandals uncontrollable is the cover-up.

Everybody knows, but nobody says, that you don’t become a bishop in the Catholic Church by being naive. Every single bishop knew what was going on. Court testimony shows that priests who were not molesters would just ignore a boy’s cries for help.

This is an entirely different business from a percentage of priests, or firemen, or police, or any other group contains a certaining number of perverts. It was not that it happened, but that the Church kept it secret and took no real action that caused the explosion.

Like worshippers of the Greatest Generation, the Catholic laity did not want to consider the certainty that an ABSOLUTE absence of news in this matter needed to be checked out.

The 10% figure for male homosexuality, that is, men who actually PREFER sex with other men to sex with women, stays unquestioned at 10% is an example of this sort cowlike acceptance.

When you deal with information, the WHY is as important as the WHAT.