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By Any Other Name

I believe it was Carl von Clausewitz who said that “War is the continuation of diplomacy by other means.” Being a militarist, he liked to reduce everything to battle.

But the truth is that there is no difference between war and diplomacy. They are both means to the same end, and one prefers to take the least costly route to ANY end. War is what happens when less costly means give out.

Diplomacy has always been known as the alternative to war. In 1861 the North and South stopped debatint and took up arms.

But I note that our side is becoming very apologetic about this. When they say we are fermenting trouble, no one says that the only way to prevent violence is to put it all on the table. No, we tend to be defensive and talk only about how, technically, they have no right to shut us up because of the first amendment.

In other words, we are back to the time when our spokesmen talked about States’ Rights instead of defending the existence of our race.

Several examples come to mind. When we talk about our side, the left always says that, if we didn’t give in to them, the Communists will get the oppressed on their side.

But how often do we point out that the Weimar Republic had Hate Speech Laws, but all Hate Speech Laws do is what liberals used to say the right does, drive the resentment under cover.

We have GOT to stop thinking defensively.

When I said that I didn’t mind a web site going straight from the Mantra to anti-Semitism someone in General Comments 4 said they would agree since I said it. In short, they thought I was wrong.

Suits me. I don’t want a seminar where people feel obligated to agree with me.

What this sort of thing will be used for by anti-whites will be to show that any mention of the survival of the white race will be used for other purposes.

The answer to that is, “Of course it will!” If you suppress seething resentments they become the PROPERTY of those who want violence.

What is really frustrating is to see is that so many of us are unable to stop hiding under the table. Speech, diplomacy and war are different ways of handling disagreement.

Why can’t our people realize that without me reminding them?