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Use “Wordism,” But Don’t Distort It. “Wordism” Has a Giant Job to Do

When you come up with a concept, it will become warped or it will be ignored.

Warped is better.

A commenter pointed out that Wordism is being confused with objectivity. Since he noticed the subtle changes in the use of the word, I decided to discuss it a bit.

Unlike anyone else who gets a concept used by others, I don’t want to dictate what Wordism is. I would have to write a book on he subject to do that, and I will write no more books. So, as I say, I am commenting on it.

My invention of the term Wordism was to provide a direct counterpart to “tribalism,” “racism,” and a hundred other terms used against any kind of loyalty to one’s own kind.
They talk about Hitler and racism and war to say that loyalties to one’s own POPULATION have a lot of bad things in their histories.

No one can think of any bad things that anti-racism or anti-nationalism ever produced because they assume what they call “universalism” has no history. It does, and that history makes Hitler look like a Boy Scout.

Mao Tse-Tung would have laughed out loud at Hitler’s paltry death rate. Pol Pot would be insulted if his personal destruction a third of his country’s entire population would be not put in class by itself. By European standards, though, Stalin did very well and he did plenty of killing in peacetime.

To find such regular, day-to-day torture, Cultural Revolution and Oriental Despotism in Europe you have to go back the Religious Wars.

The key thing about universalism is that it is a plural. There are thousands of them. Mao and Stalin’s Communism and both sides in the religious wars were universalisms. There would be peace when the True Bible became accepted by everybody. There would be peace when he books of Karl Marx, and the CORRECT commentaries on Marx, were accepted by all.

No price is ever too high for a universalism to win World Peace forever. And each group of Believers BELIEVES that. Everybody must believe the Universal Truth, my set of words, for their own good.

And for your own good, there can be no mercy.

The problem is, they have made their labels like racism and nationalism, common currency, while, as usual, we have not given it enough thought to develop our own.

Now I see that Wordism is used to fit into whatever the person doing the writing is down on.

Wordism can be effective if it is only used in the sense I give it here. Every time one says that overspending is Wordism, it hurts the cause that a BUGSer would make that mistake.

They give all the evils of slavery and Nazism the name “racist.” They are losing the word because blacks use it to denounce any spending cut. But it remains useful to them because they don’t dribble it to mean just anything they didn’t like in the past.

Use Wordist for what it is, and for nothing else, especially your pet peeves.

Wordism is a horror. It is the reality of what Wordists accuse racism of being.

And more.

You can’t find many books on the real slaughters for religion. You can’t hear the screams of people dying by fire or by weeks of torture in order to clean their minds out before they are executed, a process Orwell described in 1984. But which was once routine.

Over a billion people were penned in by Communism and the media have no interest in the tens of millions they killed. A hundred million is a reasonable guesstimate. But almost the entire billion people wasted generations under that system, coming out desperately poor after the rest of the world had developed.

I think that is quite enough reality for one word to encompass.

Don’t cheapen it. Use it for the desperately needed truth it is.