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The Search for Intelligence

One figure that stuck to my mind from a fifth grade textbook was that 52% of the blood of white Americans came from people who were here before 1776. They were illustrating a lesson no one knows today: that simple arithmetic shows how the early waves of immigration grew.

Around the 1970s, I tried to look this figure up: What percentage of the white American bloodline is likely to date from the period of early huge migrations and the natural doubling of the population every twenty to twenty-five years.

I finally wrote the Census, where the information came from around 1950, and naturally got back a letter saying they don’t keep track of things like that.

A few weeks back I saw a report from the US Census that half of the US population descends from people who came through New York in the last hundred and fifty years or so.

We all know why the Census obliged with that data, which is pure bullshit.

Why is information produced?

The fifth grade textbook I read was quoting US Census information which illustrated the arithmetic of the early migrations. But twenty years later, like so much else, that information was heresy.

If one ever looks at population numbers, there is no conceivable way that half of our population came through Ellis Island. That is pure Wishtory.

But a documentary on the whites who came to America before the Bering Strait Indians ends with saying that actually they all mixed together so America was a melting pot from the beginning.

They had also used the documentary to explain that it wasn’t the ancestors of Indians, who love Brother Buffalo so much and have that tear in their eye when whites destroy the country they came to first, killed the mammoth.

Either whites did that or nobody did.

So the ending sermon in that particular documentary said that the mammoths were wiped out by the same disaster that wiped out the Europeans who came first to America and the whites survived to make this a Melting Pot.

So the Census Bureau tells us that half the American population came through Ellis Island, though they cannot say even generally how many descended from the fast reproduction for three hundred years of waves of immigrants.

The statistic the Census Bureau came up with would be more realistic if they said that half the American population had ONE ancestor who came over on Ellis Island. We have a LOT of ancestors from a century ago.

Even that doesn’t make arithmetic sense. And it is perfectly clear that the reason that “one half” was to give the impression that half of American blood today is those who came over at Ellis Island.

Like the Clovis whites, it all has to say that American is as Nation of Immigrants.

Moderately intelligent adults would laugh at the desperate strain our Politically Correct theologians go through to torture out statements that they want to make.

I wish scientists a lot of luck finding intelligent life in the universe, because it’s pretty well extinct down here.