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I KNOW How Hard It is to Stick to the Mantra

The Old Faith will be destroyed when the Mantra teaches the simple fact that all this “racial policy” is a white policy, and that white policy is genocide. The moment respectable conservatives and their masters are forced to admit this simple fact, the entire basis of the one thing the whole establishment clings to will collapse.

Today the only lifeboat the Left has is anti-racism, “Pick a conservative and call him a racist” was a slogan of the Obama campaign. It is the one thing the Left can do to make every respectable conservative have to change his diaper.

When THEY use THEIR mantras, we know everything they will say next. They never seem to realize that we were trained in the same theology in the same schools.

They cannot even take a new look at any aspect of history, because every aspect of history must fall into the Progressive Mode. Like Medieval pilgrims in the Holy Land, they only dig to find proofs and examples of what they already believe. The idea that they were there find something new, or to do research is heresy.

So we use OUR Mantras, but one of the hardest things to discipline ourselves against is the rush of NEW thoughts that everything we find causes in us. It is hard to repeat when your mind is racing.

If history is not just Social Progress, it becomes a whole new vista. If our race has right to exist so loudly declared by others, the genocidal program becomes a crime, not a mistake. No one said the Nazis at the War Crimes Trials just made a mistake.

I know what a burden I put on you when I ask you to stick to the Mantra. Don’t you know I have felt it all these years?

You are talking to a group of bored religious zealots who are repeating what you have heard for decades. You shake your head as you realize they think it’s their own idea. You get giddy when you try to understand that they really believe you haven’t heard this before, not once but a thousand times.

They honestly think they are SAYING something!

The problem is, you ARE saying something. You have spent YEARS in their seminaries hearing their doctrine over and over and over and over. You are not to challenge their Future, which is as fixed as Judgment Day is with Southern Baptists.

But when you attack the whole basis of the structure you have been trapped in all your life, your mind begins to race. You are in a whole new world, now hundreds of new possibilities, outside the narrow confines you have been trained in start bubbling.

And at that very moment, when your mind wants to race, Ole Bob is saying, Stick to the Mantra.

I know what I am asking of you. There is a whole world of thought outside the narrow confines of Social Progress, and I am spending my declining years fighting to get people to ENTER it. I would rather wander in it, glory in it, but I will die without the chance to enjoy it.

No, you cannot be free to enjoy your freedom. You must go back and release the other prisoners.