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Freezing at ALCOR and BUGS

My commenters are very good to me. If you ever get tired of all that praise of me, think of it this way: Why would anyone take the trouble to participate in BUGS if he didn’t think it was very good. There are, literally, millions of blogs out there.

So when I use a comment as a starting point, I sound like I am criticizing someone who said something good about me. I appreciate the good stuff, I have an ego like anybody else. More important, like every human being, I need encouragement.

Look at what Ben Franklin said about the raw ego it takes to write an autobiography in the Introduction to HIS autobiography.

So one commenter came to my defense in criticizing another for talking about how I should live a long time. I appreciate his coming to my defense, damned few people ever did in my career. But it gives me a chance to talk about his point.

The guy who said I could live long was referring to an article where I mentioned my own death. I do it a lot. So someone who says, “Long may you wave” gets my appreciation, while most people don’t want the subject mentioned.

The writer who waved the caution sign about mentioning my death also went on to make dead accurate observations about me, how I am worried to death about not having people to carry on my THINKING. I keep talking about how Doctor Pierce said on his deathbed that no one alive could take his place in the leadership.

After all, he was talking about courtesy to normal people, and no one here confuses me with normal.

I will be frozen when I pass on. Everybody in my family had to agree not to oppose it, they have since agreed to insist on it, but none of them like it. If you know about the Ted Williams case, you can check the web, one daughter suddenly decided to make the papers by opposing his being frozen, and the legal case made his freezing cost ALCOR a mint.

My family always says I don’t know what will happen when I am frozen. My thinking is that I know EXACTLY what will happen to THEM if they’re NOT frozen.

Actually my being frozen is like BUGS and all the rest of my political life. It’s a lottery ticket. I am a hell of a lot surer about sharing my ideas this way than I am about being frozen. In both cases, I am spending a lot of effort and money on faith.

No one really does anything useful on a sure bet. The only people who do that are politicians looking forward to the next election, which is just MORE of a sure shot.

There are million politicians, but what I do is critical PRECISELY because it is a bet on the future.

How could someone like me, who has had so much power from probabilities, NOT decide on freezing?