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There was an interesting discussion in General Comments, now 5, about the wording of the Mantra. One of the commenters has run into the usual problem of people saying they had never heard of a “race problem.”

The Mantra begins, “It is said there is this race problem,..” so naturally nobody ever heard of a race problem. I find this is normally the first reaction to almost anything.

For example, people use the term “since the invention of the wheel” as meaning the most primitive time. The comic strip B.C. supposedly takes place when snakes literally still had feet, before Genesis, and it treats the wheel as a new, the first, invention.

Until I point out that the wheel actually existed as a working device nowhere on earth but in Scythian Europe and for an indeterminate period in Asia. Now we find that Asians were also in contact with Aryans, and everybody has a different time that Egypt got the wheel.

But even accepted history, which insisted that everything including the opposable thumb was invented in the Middle East does not claim that they got the wheel there by any method but being run over by warriors in chariots.

But when I mention that it is interesting that the wheel is considered such an ancient invention, the person I am talking to gives me a look that could only appear on the face of an impossible mixture of a fish and a cow and says “DUHHHHH???”

Suddenly he has never heard anybody say that the wheel was a primitive invention.

Just so, the same person who said yesterday and many times before that the only solution to the race problem is intermarriage will, when you mention a race problem, give you that fish-cow look and say “DUHHHH????”

There are endless instances of this. I have seen people conclude a hundred times on television that the only true — they never say “final” solution to the race problem is intermarriage. If I bring up that conclusion, they will deny not only that they said it, but that they ever HEARD such a thing.

As you will see if you read Orwell’s 1984, you will find that those who control information also control how people think. So a person who normally talks about solving race problems with intermarriage will also deny that there IS a race problem. That is the way his mind has been trained to work.

You could ask the person if he honestly never heard of any race problem in the United States. But discussion is set up in such a way that you don’t usually get a chance, and if one of our people does get such a chance, they go off on the way THEY are taught to think, on black crime or whatever.

It took a long time and a lot of work to get us into this condition. It will take a long time and a lot of work to get us out of it.