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Everybody Assumes Blacks and Indians are Inferior

At first, BBC programs were on PBS. The accents were so think that Americans usually couldn’t keep up with them. To the British, these think accents were part of the humor. How one speaks was always a hallmark of one’s identity and one’s clahss.

With syndication into the vast American market, these unintelligible accents disappeared. Our British readers would know if there is still a lot of that there, but Monty Python English is as understandable to an American audience as is American programming.

But Monty Python tapes were almost wiped before they were discovered and sent to America. It is my impression that any British show that stood some chance of getting into this market dropped the heavy accents, just in case.

In the case of IQ studies and crime rates, we have the opposite situation. Thinking over my tens of thousands of exchanges with anti-whites, I came to realize that in almost every case there was no FACTUAL difference between what I thought and my opponent thought.

American thought on other races is, in many ways, amazingly homogenous. Barry Goldwater used to joke, “People think I hedge on integration. I am perfectly consistent on it. When someone brings it up, I always say, ‘Where are you FROM?’”

Now we have few regional differences in accent on this issue. A person who is one generation from white trash and has gotten a college degree will be as fanatically politically correct as the British middle class is class-conscious.

The upper and lower classes in Britain are not at all reserved. But the middle class is painfully so. There are exceptions, but you can fairly well make that a rule. Likewise, the way a person talks on race has to do with his background.

But there is very little real difference among Americans when it comes to how they see the races. That is one reason IQ and crime studies are no longer of much use. There was a time when only Southerners had any experience with blacks in general and Yankees believed that they were all whites with paint on their skin.

That time is now forgotten. Today, all Americans know that blacks are different. It is not that they don’t know it, it’s that, as a matter of political correctness, they must deny it as a matter of, if you will, courtesy.

When a pro-white compares black gyrations as animal, he is being evil. But his opposite number will believe deeply that blacks or Indians are not responsible for anything they do that is wrong. They regard blacks and Indians as innocent, and that innocence is of the animal type.
When someone says that we are whites claiming to be victims, it never occurs to us that that is as blatant a racist statement as ever came out at a Klan rally. Why? Because we agree with it. It is part of the pattern of thought of whites, so neither the left or the right sees it as anything else.

Anti-whites talk about minorities in exactly the same way that the ASPCA talks about puppies.

So do we.