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The Predictable Problem With Final Solutions

It is impossible to keep count, but at least half of the environmental catastrophe’s today are the result of environmentalism. Species got out of control so another species was imported to control the problem and this new type is even more out of control.

People see this all the time but they don’t THINK about it.

I ran into this phenomenon in my early teens, when I had already had history courses year after year talking about the civilization of the Middle East and how each was overrun by a Northern invasion, the how Ionian Greeks were Northern invaders and then Ionia was overrun by the Dorians and how they were taken over by the Macedonians and so on, then how Rome fell to barbarians from the north, and so forth.

So after about five consecutive immersions in this, I said, “History is a series of Northern invasions.”

And all the kids who had been in each of those classes with me stared at me like I had a tulip growing out of my nose and said, “DUHH??”

Likewise, somewhere about halfway along describing an environmental crisis, the narrator briefly mentions it is a result of an earlier environmental attempt at the Final Solution to a problem years earlier.

Hence this extended introduction. If you note that I tend to repeat things, please remember my experience with the DUHH?? Syndrome.

An anti-immigration group in Germany insists that integration, assimilation, is the solution. They mean it is the Final Solution, but they can’t say that.

So if you realize the last generation of environmentalism has caused most of our present environmental problem, it is easy to see how the last generation of opposition to genocide has bred the present genocide.

Taken together, all the assimilationist groups in all the white countries come down to the end of the white race in general. It leads to “the only real solution,” meaning the only Final Solution, “is THE mixing of THE races.”

But “The races” only means the white race. No one is allowed to point out that the REASON Germany must bring in and assimilate tens of millions of colored is because Germany is WHITE. This is an assumption that is so taken for granted that no one mentions it.

Historically pretty well al final solutions imposed as a reaction to a problem have gone on to become greater problems themselves. Nazism itself was a reaction to rise of Bolshevism and the Depression.

It should be part of human wisdom that when any gigantic movement goes out to crush every trace of some problem, it will itself eventually go so far as to create an opposite problem.

The transition of anti-racism to be being simply anti-white was perfectly predictable. There is a lesson to be learned from it.

One good lesson it should teach is how stupid and impenetrable people are when it comes to something popular.