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Are the Rich Spoiled or are the Spoiled Rich?

I enjoy the irony of reducing a reality to simple terms. For example, a trend lately has been referring to a study, real or imagined, that shows that superrich and super powerful people are inconsiderate of to the people’s feelings, rude, or, as the old saying goes, “He’s ugly, he can’t sing and he don’t love Jesus.”

First of all, after hearing the profile of the rich a famous a number of times, all it says is that the rich and powerful are like spoiled children.

The lesson I am given from this is that this is how people act who are successful. It may be how people act BECAUSE they are successful.

A person with any experience in the world assumes that this is another one of those things one always hears at a party, expressing a trendy opinion and beginning with “They found out that…”

It still seems to work, but one who has been around a while has to be pretty stupid not to note that every time “They found out that…” is an example to reinforce the latest trendy opinion of the party set and that last time “They found out …” something entirely different.

Anyone who has actually been engaged in population-related studies knows how hard it is to get a consistent sample of anything. But “They found out…” about superrich people by presumably getting a statistically significant number of them together, say two or three thousand, and that the sample is not skewed, so they were able to make their selection from say a hundred thousand volunteers.

How do you assemble several thousand multimillionaires? Anybody who can do THAT isn’t doing academic studies at a professor‘s pay grade..

In other words when you THINK about it the whole thing is absurd.

It is useful to make an impression at the kind of parties I went to, that is one reason they are held. So when someone says “They found out that …” I am the only one who asks, “Who are THEY?”

People no more expect that than they expect a conservative accused of racism to ask, “What is racism?”

But I use the question to go ahead and make the points I made above.

Does this fake “study,” whatever its real source, prove what the trendy thing is, that one BECOMES rich and powerful by acting like a spoiled Jewish kid who was raised by a Jewish Mother, or does it simply show that the rich are spoiled?

Does it exist?

Actually, I would be surprised if, in a society which is based on disloyalty, those who made it up the carious ladders today were not largely scum.

If that is true, it might be a good idea to think about how long those ladders are going to hold up.