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Our Established Religion 3: None Dare Call It Silly

Posted by Bob on October 31st, 2010 under Coaching Session

What destroys an established religion in our latter days is not being wrong, it is being SILLY. In Nietzsche’s day, the various churches had fought vaccination, the idea that earth was over 4500 years old, the idea that the earth was not the center of the universe, and in fact worn a dunce hat over and over and over again for all to see.

When Nietzsche said God is Dead, he meant for intellectuals, real ones, not Mommy Professors. He meant that at the top of the idea chain, the God Industry had made a laughing stock of faith.

The Religious Industry lives entirely in THIS world. For a millennium and a half it had dictated all reality. The idea that His Kingdom is not of this world was absolute heresy.

I did a review of a Galbraith book many years ago for National Review. Posing as an intellectual biography, it was the same crap he had put in the hundred books before it. It had the usual supply and demand don’t work in it.

My statement was, “Galbraith is still talking about leftism in theory. Leftism is collapsing because it has been put into practice.”

Faith in the next world cannot be proven by discrediting evolution here.

This is a routine lesson no one has learned: You win power on theory, but once the theory is tried out, you are in deep trouble.

That’s what happened to the religion decided on at Trent and that’s what happened to the main line Protestant faiths invented by Luther and Calvin. Until competition from the Pentecostals made them toe the line more, they were actually on their way to the complete collapse European Protestantism has accomplished.

Exactly the same thing happened to the left with the trying out of Communism in the real world. You won’t see much real difference between how a Marxist today argues and how anti-evolutionists argue.

When the Soviet Empire collapsed FROM PURE SILLINESS, the whole leftist charade was exposed. No Christian wants to talk about the Christianity Industry’s battle against smallpox, and no leftist wants to talk about the fall of Communism.

Why not? Because any discussion of these things shows how SILLY they were. Not how their theories had imperfections, but just plain dribble-mouth silliness. I remember right after the USSR fell, one after another leftist commentator congratulated a respectable conservative on his understanding that liberalism is NOT Communism.

Actually Kennedy had been working with the Communists to undermine Reagan. The KGB files are filled with the people McCarthy called Communists. The last desperate bid to save the Soviet Empire by defeating the Strategic Defense Initiative they called Star Wars took out all the stops, all the pretense that the entire left was on the same side.

Joe Sobran noticed that, and wrote an article for National Review called “Congress’s Red Army.”

With new advances in knowledge about real animal behavior, the whole BASIS of leftist theory has been swept away. As it is tried out in practice it really shows its nonsense.

The Obama election has been a shouting example of this reality.

None Dare Call it Silly. That is, none who want to make a living in the kept opposition.

  1. #1 by backbaygrouch on 10/31/2010 - 7:04 am

    Edward Jenner’s struggle to popularize smallpox inoculation was not something new. More than a quarter of a century before his birth it was introduced to Boston by Dr, Zebdiel Boylston. There too it was opposed by the clergy, with at least one very notable exception.

    Cotton Mather has been presented to the American public as the archetypical cartoon of the most backward looking, bible-thumping Puritan. Yet he suggested the idea to Boylston. He supported him vigorously during the smallpox epidemic of 1721-1722 in Boston. Mather’s house was fire bombed during the uproar over inoculation. Perhaps one reason the American church was still viable in the 19th century was because of scientific clergymen like Cotton Mather in the 18th century. He was far more open to ideas than his British or continental counterparts.

    He was a serious man. He was not a silly man. Perhaps a precursor to Homo Bugserus Americanus.

    In 1724 Mather traveled to London where he became the first American elected to the Royal Society, though it was for other scientific work. In 1726 the physician Zebdiel Boylston likewise crossed the ocean and became the second American Royal Society member in recognition for his work on smallpox inoculation.

    America was at that time a new land, a new nationality and an openness to new ideas. It was on an upward trajectory. An essential ingredient of the success that followed was a keen awareness of the unique characteristics of the race of its people. That racial self awareness must again be instilled. That is the BUGS agenda.

    • #2 by Dave on 10/31/2010 - 11:32 am

      Racial self awareness is a perfect notion . It is exactly what is needed to solve a lot of problems.

  2. #3 by Dave on 10/31/2010 - 11:39 am

    Racial self awareness is a perfect notion. It is exactly what is needed to solve a lot of problems.

    A return to the consciousness of the unique characteristics of race.

    It is not possible that Political Correctness could survive such a thing.

  3. #4 by Simmons on 10/31/2010 - 12:51 pm

    To be fair Tom Fleming’s cult always quotes Augustine’s “City of Man, City of God.” And the Left PC priests spent yesterday trimming their anti-white sails, but of course it was done by a jew spewing the newest taboo, call it jewboo. (the first thing out of Stewart’s mouth was that an all white gathering is not to be automatically called “racist”)

  4. #5 by Dick_Whitman on 10/31/2010 - 3:54 pm

    The Soviet union used doctored statistics and May Day parades to maintain the appearance of power.

    TV televangelists use special effects and planted sick people to create phony miracles.

    The anti-White Multi-cult use total control over the information systems (news, entertainment, education) to perpetuate the idea that “diversity is strength.”

    All three of these religious entities depend on illusion for their racket to work.

    They also have a cadre of priests (commissars, Pastors, Mommy Professors) who depend on this illusion for their standard of living.

    These entities feature magician priests who use misdirection, illusions, slight of hand, and black magic to maintain a false reality.

    If someone points out the trap door in the bottom of box where they stick the girl (before sawing it in half) they throw you in the Gulag (Soviet Union), kick you out of the church (TV Super church), or ruin your reputation (modern Multi-cult America).

    The Mantra points out the trap door in the anti-White box.

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