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General Comments is a Dream Come True!

Every time I go to General Comments V I want to cheer. For me it is a dream come true.

It is the opposite of the parts of SF we are all so tired of.

On SF one gets the impression that almost nobody has ever been engaged in the toe-to-toe struggle we MUST learn to fight.

When you read those writing in Comments V you can smell the smoke of battle on them. Here are people whose comments have been taken down from site after site. No one needs explain to them how effective our message is, or theorize about how some approach MIGHT be received.

If it’s an approach, they’ve just TRIED it and come back with a REPORT.

As I say, for me this is a dream come true. PLEASE keep it up, gang!

It is a wonderful novelty for me to see others come back from the actual battle to discuss it with their comrades.

Let me repeat that my whole experience was finding ways to bring the enemy down, having others see me do it, and then having those who should have been my comrades immediately go back to talking about how bad things are and what tomes people should read.

I want you to realize how PERSONAL this is with me. For decades, people actually enjoyed me tearing anti-whites to piece and glorying in how fast I did it. But when your race is on the line and, year after year, people just say how great you are but never even THINK about using the tactics you have developed, it becomes a nightmare.

It is like dealing with Pod People. In fact, that is the perfect picture of it. Decade after decade I watched my race being destroyed and all those on my side just wanted to write another piece about how bad things were.

Dealing with a very real case of Pod People is horrible. It is a nightmare in which you are completely alone. And when I say that, after all those nightmare years, Comments V is a dream come true, I am not exaggerating in the slightest.

If you truly empathize with what I am saying here, what I have been through, you will realize that I have this feeling of fear that, like a good dream, it will simply go away, that GCV will morph back into the “Things are awful” theorizing I at first found so unbelievable but long since accepted as the hideous reality.

If I sound a bit nuts, Lord knows that by now I have a RIGHT to.

For me, Lord Nelson is a hero larger than his namesake.

Precisely because he really doesn’t give a damn whether he is anybody’s hero or not. He understands the fight itself and he is not interested in anybody being impressed by his pontifications.

But God, does he every understand how this war is to be waged!

And he WAGES it!

If Bob’s praise means anything to you, please understand how MUCH I encourage those in GCV.

In this case it is really true that in the future, so many will have ever owed so much to so few.

Keep the dream alive!



Common Sense and the Tea Parties

At the time of the Boston Tea Party in 1773, there was one word that was always used to stop American protests in their tracks.

That word was “independence.”

The minute anybody started getting rambunctious about Britain’s right to tax America, a chorus went up about how they were really being disloyal. Patrick Henry was forced to sit down by cries of “Treason!” when he defied the word.

The simple fact was that the colonies could not complain about the power of Britain over America until they faced the fact that the whole idea of their being loyal to London was discussed.

It was common sense.

So Thomas Pain wrote a Mantra book called “Common Sense.” It sold a quarter million copies to a white population of three million. It declared that the bugaboo word “independence” was, in fact the very thing the whole fight was about.

And that is the problem now. The Tea Party is always silly because the first thing that is thrown at them is the bugaboo word “racism.”

You know, I know, and Sarah Palin knows, and The National Democratic Party not only knows, but puts its money where its mouth is, that the Tea Party is really a last desperate gasp of a reaction against minority rule.

The question WAS independence. The problem IS race.

That’s common sense.

No one would deny more monomaniacally the word “independence” in 1773 than those who became known as our Founding Fathers. They screamed against that word as loudly as Sarah Palin does today.

In 1773 when the lynching party formed against anyone who was suspected of “independence” our Founding Fathers led the mob and provided the noose, just as respectable conservatives do today.

Five years later they were killing people who denied independence.

In all the blood and thunder and pretensions, Thomas Paine is barely noticed. But his importance dwarfs that of Washington.

It was common sense that turned the tide then and common sense that will do it now.



Never Forget the Old Conservatives’ Wordist Crime

Most of what we need to think about is stuff at is so obvious that it isn’t noticed.

In the 1950s conservatives could have ruled America, but they sold out all principle for two words:

Republican and Democrat.

The conservative majority was forgotten at presidential nominations because they had thrown away their vote. The Solid South would vote for a Communist if he had the Democratic label and conservatives outside the South would vote for a NAMBLA candidate if he had a Republican label.

Only on The House Un-American Activities Committee did you see how America COULD have been governed. Party made no real difference. HUAC was run by Dixiecrats and Ashbrook conservatives.

But the rest of the government was run to appeal to those who actually VOTED, the big states who had no loyalty to either party.

I said this was criminal then and I say it was criminal now.

A ticket of Taft and Byrd could have ruled this country and everybody knew it. But all those glorious old Heroic Conservatives wouldn’t support it.

Northern conservatives agreed with Senator Byrd of Virginia on everything, with Tom Dewey on almost nothing. But when the salvation of their people came up against the word Republican, it was screw everything.

Exactly the same was true of conservative Democrats. The only people who thought only of policy were the liberals.

All the professional commentators said this showed “The vote is in the middle of the road.”

But then as today, the people who were really ELECTED to office were NOT middle of the road. The House and Senate, then as now, were solidly left or solidly right, with a very few ELECTED who were in between.

What is and was called “the middle” was a result of the fact that conservative voters would gladly sell their mothers into prostitution for the party label.

What stopped civil rights legislation for so long was that Southern senators filibustered and Northern Republicans would not vote for closure. The media screamed about this, but my brother put it into plain English: “The Eastern media is complaining because the National Will is being blocked by senators from the South, the West and the Middle West.”

In other words, everywhere outside the East, the party labels were allowed to rule over all else. Due to conservative Wordism, the East WAS the National Will.

We lost America to two words.


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Lots to Learn, no Time to Waste

There are lessons to learn by debating a time or two with people who are just plain in the way.

I can talk to you about this because you have been out there fighting the battle instead of just theorizing.

One of our people learned a great deal debating with a Fair Bianca in the OV section. She has a bug up her pantyhose about the word “genocide.” She says it has to be “done by force.“ One of our folks has thoroughly covered that, citing the actual genocide treaty.

I was asked whether the debate should be continued with Fair Bianca. AND I was asked a separate question, should one spend time with this sort of thing at all.

My point is that these are two separate questions. Such a debate is always worth while for the combat experience. The first question, whether one should have participated in it, is answered YES.

Once you have debated someone who is stuck to a nonsense position, you have been forced to think out in detail what the real situation is and you are not caught off-guard the next time this comes up.

Like so many lessons, this one is complicated by the answer being, “Do it, debate with them, for a time or two. That is the important use we can make of such as Fair Bianca. “

The second lesson is, “Then have done with it.”

These are two separate lessons. As you debate you will see more deeply into what WE are saying. And you will not be caught out the next time such a thing comes up.

Only THEN, when you realize you can repeat their obsession in your sleep, do you decide it is time to abandon this useful experience.

You can then have a line for such instances which says, “Doing away with a race, even the WHITE race, by any means, propaganda or force, is genocide. Please note what is said about the same policy being applied to blacks in the Mantra:”

Then for God’s sake, put in the MANTRA with the part about the blacks in caps.

Another version of the same thing is those who say the white race is guilty so it deserves genocide. I address that as GC5 commenters have learned to address it:

“You are JUSTIFYING genocide.”

Then I copy and paste in the Mantra.

No one has come back at me yet, so this seems to be effective.

I don’t add things like “of the white race” or any of the other things my fury demands. Those four words are just enough to be unarguable, IN MY EXPERIENCE.

Remember, in most cases you’re talking to the LISTENERS, not trying to convert the anti-white.

It is very hard to quit when you’re ahead, but it is also the key to what we are doing.



Too Easy?

I was talking to some people I have business with, and the lady I was talking to had four children. I said, “I didn’t know white people were allowed to have that many children.”

She had read BUGS and gave me a lecture on the UN study that said that blondes were dying out and she would prove them wrong. It was a three way conversation and the other party agreed.

I wish I could tell you what the business was but I can’t. The point is that everybody agreed with Mantra thinking. In fact, she lectured ME on it.

It could be too easy for us to imagine. That is because we think in terms of Total Revolution, torchlight parades and the like.

But please realize something. We pro-whites in BUGS are the only people who do not need any apocalyptic language.

We just want our race to survive.

We couldn’t care less if our race survives in a bang or a whisper.

Every day biological technology advances. Already it is reported that the DNA of the lowest form of life has been replicated.

It may be that all that is required for our race to survive is that there be people who declare openly that they WANT our race to survive.

Who else but Mantra thinkers advocate that our race survive, not as part of a World View, but simply because it should?

All the other pro-whites, bless their souls, demand a Revolution or have a complete theory of Conspiracies or Human Existence.

Oddly enough, when the choice is to be made, the only people who can simply make the case quietly for white children are right here.

The biological revolution is not just coming, it is here.

Ask yourself, who is there who can simply make the case that our race should survive, that white people should simply choose their own?

It sounds obvious. But in the real world all the forces are against anything but a Multiculture race. Anybody who says otherwise is anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

Think about it. There is simply no one else who does not need a World Conspiracy or a World Theory to say white children should be born.

God bless those who are willing to fight for white survival. But what if it is not a matter of a fight but simply an unapologetic demand?

Whether it is a bang or a whisper, the point is white survival.