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Thank You, Lord Nelson!

Lord Nelson impressed the hell out of me with his reaction to a criticism I made of him. It has been discussed here a number of times.

Lord Nelson had slipped into the habit of saying that white countries were “being overwhelmed” by immigration. So he was not criticizing our established religion’s Holy of Holies, assimilation.

He didn’t realize this. He just found that for some reason this argument was easier, so he continued it.

“Being overwhelmed” keeps you from criticizing interracial marriage, so it makes things easy.

I pointed out to him why he was having such an easy time of it.

What really impressed me was that the moment I mentioned it, Lord Nelson said he was glad I had.

No ego trip, no “but I was sort of right,” just an immediate change of course and sincere thanks to me for setting him straight. THAT was the lesson of the event.

Lord Nelson just did the same thing for me Here’s his comment:

“I do get it Coach.

We are in effect dealing with a faith based belief system. Which is basically how you define a religion. I also understand your comments about the inbred stupidity of academia. It’s a very important point too!

Just a detail point. We should start to refer to ourselves as ‘Pro-Whites’. Not as WN’s or even BUGSers. It’s an important piece of propaganda. If we call ourselves ‘Pro-Whites’ then anyone who stands against us is by default, an Anti-White.

Just like all the best propaganda, this also happens to be TRUE!

In the particular subject we deal in (White Genocide) there is no middle ground. You are either Pro-White, or Anti-White. We are Pro-Whites. And we really need to start calling ourselves exactly that. We have started to use the correct term of Anti-White to label our enemies. Now to really hammer that label home. We must always refer to ourselves as PRO-WHITES!”

Lord Nelson was very deferential, but the point is I was WRONG.

One of my big crusades on SF was to make our people call our enemies, not “antis,” but anti-WHITES.

But I have not been practicing the consistency I was demanding.

So Lord Nelson pointed it out. And I want to prove that I am as good a pro-white as he is.

He is a man with good upbringing. He shows diffidence to the old man in making this correction.

But the fact is that I was dead wrong. From now on pro-white is what it is and I am sincerely grateful to the Admiral for calling me on it.

In this battle for survival, our egos don’t mean a damned thing.