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Fighting for Defeat

Many, many times I have taken on a whole roomful of people on race. Almost invariably someone came up to me and said they were on my side, often someone who had made themselves appear to be with the crowd.

Many of the pro-whites on Stormfront will be on line but would not take the side of someone who was fighting for us in the Opposing Views section which Lord Nelson tells us I helped depopulate.

The pro-whites who did not back us up usually claimed they don’t want to get into all that, or that the pro-white was doing OK without them or whatever else a shirker always says.

But I’ll tell you one area in which those pro-whites are not shirkers. If you point out where we are making progress, they will fight you every inch of the way, until dawn if necessary.

When it comes to arguing All Is Lost, no one has the kind of energy that defeatists on Stormfront have.

I was just informed that “A BUGster who is always on message” — quite a compliment, especially considering the source — had put the Mantra in his Facebook Profile and said, “The message is spreading and we are winning.”

They came down on him like an avalanche. No, not the anti-whites; the crowd that will fight to the death to say that they love our race but All Is Lost. I honestly believe they would take pills and stay up day and night to fight for All Is Lost until the ambulance came and took them away.

When Napoleon came back from his first exile and took Paris, one old British general went to a map and pointed at Waterloo. He said, “This is where he will be defeated.”

A lot of people thought he was a Prophet. He was probably thinking, “I’ve been in this damned war for over twenty years. But they’re astonished I know how it will go.”

I feel the same way, and a lot of you are beginning to. I didn’t spend all those years developing the Mantra and trying it out and then these years with Whitaker Online because I thought all was lost. I was hitting the flint for a spark that would catch, because I knew this spark could not be quenched once it caught a set of proponents like you.

And every inch of the way I battled those who want us to read their moans and groans in huge books and whose only goal was to have others to moan the Inevitable End with them.

First of all, let me say that I have been in this and related political wars for well over half a century. More important, I have WON some. Like the old British general, I an not a Prophet. I am just a bit surprised when someone doesn’t realize that I might have an idea by now of how these things go.

Not that long ago, I was fighting alone for the Mantra and the big voices on our side consisted almost entirely of Militant Defeatists.

You and I get sick to our stomachs when we see what I call “A Jewish Wet Dream,” a very black male with a very blond girl. Every other white and most blacks do, too. It is not uncommon to hear a black say “He’s too black for HER” when a black is out to get a mulatto.

What they are doing is not only wrong, it is sickening, and they have to have everybody agreeing that it is inevitable and you better take your Tums and like it.

Whites are not trying to sneak into brown countries. A black man who gets a white woman would never marry a person who looked like the daughters they will have. He is destroying what he is after. He is evil.

This is what they cannot allow anyone to SAY. It is a house of cards, and the Mantra hits at its base.

But those who sell tomes desperately do not want anyone to see that this is a house of cards. They want it to be something dramatic, an All Powerful Conspiracy of Geniuses only they truly understand.

Others of them are simply depressives, and this world view appeals to them because it is the ideal world of a depressive.

But the bottom line is that the world view they are fighting for is not TRUE. They will fight harder for defeatism than they ever would for our race. And many of them will hate you far more than they hate any anti-white.