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“If You Cannot AFFORD One …”

When you go to the doctor, you probably pay more to feed lawyers than you do to feed MDs. And on its way to the lawyers there is huge amount of money lost in between.

No society on earth, past or present, has ever before had one in hundred of its entire population, men women and babes in arms, as lawyers. For every doctor there are several lawyers.

A lawyer can only get paid as part of a process. He must have secretaries, legal aides, the entire court system, policemen with their guns on, sitting and making out paperwork for the legal system for as much time as they are outside protecting the pubic and controlling the doughnut population.

Each lawyer makes work for other lawyers.

The same people who bitch all the time about how “justice is for sale” are always for Medicare but never mention the possibility of Judicare. And no one will ever mention it TO them if that person wants to make a living in public debate.

This idea has an interesting twist, since with Judicare the government would be paying for the problems only the government creates. There is no law without legislation, and legislation is entirely the product of the State.

No one can claim that there would be no disease without doctors. Yet the same people who insist that the State should provide all medical care never even breathe the possibility that the State, which IS responsible for all law, should make lawyers part of the civil service as they demand that doctors be.

This duality will never be mentioned by respectable conservatives. But there can certainly be no equal justice as long as one person is allowed to pay more for his lawyers than the other side.

The good thing about this from the point of view of professional liberals and professional conservatives is that it hits the right economic group. The rich are OK, which makes it OK in respectable conservative eyes, because they can afford legal help without great strain. Liberals are happy that the underclass and especially minorities can get free legal care.

I spent years trying to get conservatives to go after our real middle class, people who work for a living, and I can testify that no one can overstate how respectable conservatives, especially those from working families, are desperate to distance themselves from the “bourgeoisie” group.

Liberals HATE the bourgeoisie. Mommy Professor’s arch villain is a working man who DARES watch TV and have six pack when he comes home from work.

“If you cannot AFFORD a lawyer…”

Those are the most anti-middle class words in the English language. If you have worked and earned a house and some property, you must spend every penny of it before you can get aid from the State dealing with problems the State put in place.