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The Tea Party is the Last Gasp of White Supremacy

Posted by Bob on November 25th, 2010 under Coaching Session

I had a conversation with one of my kin that made an impression on me. I had made the point to him many, many times that for all the talk about how civilizations rise and fall, the fact is that no civilization falls unless it becomes brown-skinned.

A lot of people will say that they are pro-white but some of their families disagree. That is not true in MY family. All of them get the Mantra.


But when I brought this up he said, “I have been thinking about WHY whites become brown.” He knows a lot about India, and he pointed out that White India, from which China got its rice and we got our numbers, began to become non-white when it had the coloreds the Aryans had conquered under absolute control.

They stopped fighting as allies against the coloreds they had conquered and began to consider their only real enemies to be each other.

I have played around that realization a lot but no one had put in out as a naked truth the way he did.

It made me think of the way we have destroyed ourselves.

All of us ask ourselves how in God’s name Europeans massacred each other by the millions in the trenches of World War I when they together controlled the world. The simple fact is that by 1914 whites had such complete rule of the colored world that they felt that their only competitors were other Europeans.

Today, when coloreds are conquering Europe, this looks as insane as it was. But back then, if you told a Brit that he had any real enemy but “the Hun,” that his colonials would rule his descendants, he would have had you committed.

White India had been white since the Aryan takeover a thousand years before. But Buddha and the like condemned the caste system. Asoka spread Buddhism all the way to Iraq and beyond.

The top two castes switched place. Tshatriya, the warrior class, ceased to be the top group. The Brahma, the priestly class, took their place. My guess, from THINKING about what my young kin said, was that White India forgot the conquest and began to war with each other.

Buddha condemned the caste, which in Sanskrit is the “color,” system.

Flash forward to today. Our ancestors fought the Indians and the English and the French in a common cause: They wanted America for 1) whites and 2) AMERICAN whites. New England brought in black slaves and sold them to Southerners.

Then we became absolutely dominant and we began to fight each other.

Now we insist that whatever the issue is, it is NOT racial.

There are Big Spenders and their headline opposition is the Tea Party. They compete with each other in insisting that the third world and immigration and assimilation is NOT the problem

They all take it for granted that the problem is what OTHER white people think.

They, like White India, take white supremacy as a given. It is impossible for them to realize that what they take for granted is in fact white supremacy.

They think what the Founding Fathers fought for was a philosophy.

THINK is a misnomer.

The Tea Party is the last headline rebellion that insists that none of our real problems are racial.

The Tea Party is the last gasp of the assumption of white supremacy.

  1. #1 by H.Avenger on 11/25/2010 - 9:53 am

    White India is an important discussion. There were no Jews there pushing our suicide. We have only ourselves and Wordism to blame. Most White Nationalists believe that if the Jews were to disappear all of our problems would all go away. And many problems would go away. But we would also have many new challenges.

    Anytime we replace our organic identity with some abstract principle……it leads to BROWN OUT.

    Whether it be Buddhism, Evangelicalism etc…etc ……they always spell disaster.

  2. #2 by BGLass on 11/25/2010 - 10:20 am

    Colonial Southerners seem the most silent of anyone, and they have justifiable bones to pick with Catholics and Jews, it seems, so it’s hard to say which way they’d fall, imo, with which group they’d prefer to make alliances, and which would more prove, after study, to have ruined their country most, and it’s an interesting question.

    To them, the book says it was both Romans AND Jews who killed Jesus. Now, Jews have money, at least, which is something, but the Catholics just keep shaming them as Satanic and offering a version of Jesus they haven’t wanted for at least a thousand years, if ever.

    VOR has intelligent programming, but the positioning of Protestants makes them sound as if they just sit around adopting little black babies, watching t.v. and creaming over Hagee shows. Protestants in U.S. are not like they are in Europe, either. They had a different history in the U.S. that European commentators can never see.

    There are even references to “Thee” Church (can you believe Catholics refer to it that way in such a historically –and in fact– Protestant country and still teach that the children of the founders (from whom they have fed) are nothing more than “heretics?”) Well, this seems more chutzpah than the chutzpah of jews and that’s saying something.

    Synagogue goers have even less idea what real “core America” would say if they (honestly) decided to quit disimilating for once and give THEIR TAKE on all the rest of them, and what exactly they have come to think of ALL of them—names, dates, times, places.

    It’s like Fox Five, which is half Jews, half Catholics—going on about “a nation of immigrants,” and –huh?– the nation as “a rule of law.” It’s what it is TO THEM, lol, and so one has to suppose they don’t know others even exist.

    But to Protestants, without THE SPIRIT of the law, the law is nothing. Zero! So, the whole country, in a way, was built precisely on the idea IT IS NOT a rule of law, which makes these statements funny.

    So, Catholic and Jewish law is just embarrassingly obvious power bungling and making up laws and talking about it on Fox with some nonsensical God name lathered across it.

    So far, no “white” group has decisively won any wasp interest, seems like. Matt Johnson seems astute in talking about possible underlying connections with Christian Orthodoxy and American Protestantism—-but then he poses the American Protestants as merely latter-day gnostics at best, and other than that, it’s the usual “core population” —-the idiot-boy who plays Dueling Banjos in Deliverance.

    Sunic admits in one show that he knows little of U.S. Protestants except he associates them with “zionsists,” and Horus attempts to goad them with references to their stupidity, (which won’t work on them as they know they are smart), and he equates Protestantism with “Anglo-elites” (as if there’s no genuine theology involved and a long history of published real thought.)

    One thing Catholic-Jew shows don’t get: is this group is frequently not patronizing the way they are. Being taught that others are either heretics or born to be enslaves—will leave some real blind spots—

    From the position of the colonial wasp, in a strange way, the entire country would just look completely alien and non-white.

    And the pilgrims, just one more post-war New York myth.

  3. #3 by beefcake on 11/25/2010 - 2:33 pm

    Putting an abstract idea, an “ism” over our RACE simply does not work in the long run, because when you lose your RACE, the whole nation it built comes crumbling down, and fast forward in wishtory and you find whites do NOT EVEN KNOW India was once white. But they sure think it has ancient wisdom.

    Here is what DOES WORK; Putting your RACE above any abstract idea.

    Anything that puts RACE second, will result in the loss of race first, then if it takes race to maintain anything, that too then it dies with our race.

    Hence, RACE needs to come first, because that WORKS.

    Anything it takes our RACE to maintain can be maintained so long as we maintain our race.

  4. #4 by Luke A. Speirs II on 11/25/2010 - 4:21 pm

    Race is real and it matters.

  5. #5 by Creator on 11/25/2010 - 5:09 pm

    This is too simple to be obvious to most.
    The golden rule is:
    What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue, what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.
    The White Race has not had a racial religion of their own. Since 1973, we have, it’s called Creativity, of course. It, always, puts the White Race above and beyond all else.

  6. #6 by OldBlighty on 11/25/2010 - 5:39 pm

    So Whites have a history of self destructing, as soon we run out of challenges? I assume this behavior is unique to our race, so it appears we require challenges, that are by their nature infinite.

    Its a pity the manned space exploration program was ground to a halt, after the Moon missions. If we had continued at the same pace, we would have been out exploring and settling the solar system by now.

  7. #7 by shari on 11/25/2010 - 5:55 pm

    Flannery O’Conner was a Catholic who sympathized with Southern Protestants, who LITERALY believed in Jesus. That He came in the fleash and rose from the dead. She probably was in danger of being influenced by her Northern Catholic integrationist friends though. But she died young. If we win this war, there will be time to untangle the past, as well as move forward, I think

  8. #8 by backbaygrouch on 11/25/2010 - 8:51 pm

    A few observations on BGLass and her comment which I found disjointed. I may not have fully understood her position.

    She finds it hard to differentiate between Catholics and Jews in the American experience and in the context of today’s political landscape. To her positions I offer the following:

    1) The Jews she sees in the media represent mainstream Jewish thought. The Catholics she sees do not reflect most Catholics They are Shabbos Goy, much like the Protestants she sees on Jewish owned and operated media. Most Catholics in the North respond to our cause. A great many are ideological descendants of Father Charles Coughlin. They are the Reagan Democrats that Bob refers to.

    The reason she cannot see any difference between the Catholics hired by Jews and the Jews hired by Jews or even the Protestants hired by Jews is that Jews are doing the hiring. They only take on themselves and race traitors of all other stripes.

    2) The electoral demography requires that the Southern White Protestants have an alliance. Northern Catholics are more amenable than other prospective partners. Further, they are the most numerous group. When counting votes numbers are the only thing that matters.

    3) Northern ethnic Catholics are easier to turn than other groups. The greatest animosity in the Christian community to Southern Whites is the WASP tradition emanating from the fecund founders of New England.

    In the last year of the reign of Bush, fils, immigration reform was scuttled. There were two pivotal votes in each chamber. I counted them up as to religion myself as no one in the media seemed interested in doing.The first vote brought forth the monster, the second vote slew it. There were obviously significant differences between the votes.

    The Jewish tally held firm as solidly open borders. No movement.

    The Protestant multicultural votes held strong with a few switchers. Very little movement.

    The Catholic solons produced almost the entire roster of those whose change of heart killed amnesty for illegals. They were reacting to the horrified response of their constituents. Significant movement.

    4) You do not have to like your political cohorts. If you do then resign yourself to being an army of one. Strange bedfellows and all that. But you do need allies. Honey attracts, vinegar repulses.

  9. #9 by The Old Man of the Mountain on 11/26/2010 - 11:34 am

    If White Folks understood what happened, it might help them to understand the situation we are in today, maybe.

    White Folks settled in India first, many thousands of years before the non-white invaders arrived from Central Africa.

    White Folks were also in North America, the Atlantic Islands, Europe, Central America, South America, Asia, North Africa, South Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, before the non-white invaders ever set foot there.

    The non-white ancestor lived only just in the central region of Central Africa, and no where else. We lived everywhere else, for many thousands of years all the rest of Earth was ours.

    Now, even the little bit of soil we still own, is invaded.

    This is the last chance to save our White Human Species from the invader.

    • #10 by Dick_Whitman on 11/28/2010 - 5:24 am

      The Old Man of the Mountain,

      I can’t help thinking that you’re a troll? Excuse me for my bluntness.

  10. #11 by BGLass on 11/27/2010 - 8:42 pm

    BBG, know this is a blog not forum, but thanks for considering my pique. It was just on my nerves. Sunic interviewed a guy from South Carolina last week; he was talking about how the Northern (mostly Catholic) transplants (there are many right now) are with the white locals down South—rude, condescending, completely with attitudes about “wasps” being bigots and all that, and with little knowledge or interest in WHY so many people with good bone structure wound up in trailer parks. They come from the ‘big cities’ and the locals are just seen as redneck rubes and all that, just poor and stupid.

    There is real resentment about it, as the South Carolinian was trying to explain, as the local Protestants wind up moving, pushed to the periphery of towns and outlying counties, often where they have been for many, many generations; it’s not turned into some great alliance-making opportunity, seems like.

    Anyway, Pat Buchanan and Kevin MacDonald are not that way; they are genuinely concerned, see Protestants as contributers, and even discuss them to some degree outside the Northeast Puritan “power” experience. Early white America, mostly Protestant, really was a wealthy tradition and I just get pissed about the situation.

  11. #12 by Dick_Whitman on 11/28/2010 - 5:37 am

    Catholics were used by the anti-Whites to diminish WASP power but this wasn’t because they were Catholic. They just happened to immigrate during a time where their interests could be used to weaken the WASP power structure. This is part of ethnic conflict model that Horus discusses. It’s important to remember that Catholics in Europe were the forefront of pro-Whiteness.

    I do realize that Northerners act extremely arrogantly towards Southerners. I was once one of these people until I lived in the South for 4 years. I then realized that Southerners were “racist” because they actually lived near diversity (as opposed to Northerners who store our diversity in urban ghettos). But I assure you that things are changing up here.

    Soon we will all be Southerners.

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