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Lots to Learn, no Time to Waste

There are lessons to learn by debating a time or two with people who are just plain in the way.

I can talk to you about this because you have been out there fighting the battle instead of just theorizing.

One of our people learned a great deal debating with a Fair Bianca in the OV section. She has a bug up her pantyhose about the word “genocide.” She says it has to be “done by force.“ One of our folks has thoroughly covered that, citing the actual genocide treaty.

I was asked whether the debate should be continued with Fair Bianca. AND I was asked a separate question, should one spend time with this sort of thing at all.

My point is that these are two separate questions. Such a debate is always worth while for the combat experience. The first question, whether one should have participated in it, is answered YES.

Once you have debated someone who is stuck to a nonsense position, you have been forced to think out in detail what the real situation is and you are not caught off-guard the next time this comes up.

Like so many lessons, this one is complicated by the answer being, “Do it, debate with them, for a time or two. That is the important use we can make of such as Fair Bianca. “

The second lesson is, “Then have done with it.”

These are two separate lessons. As you debate you will see more deeply into what WE are saying. And you will not be caught out the next time such a thing comes up.

Only THEN, when you realize you can repeat their obsession in your sleep, do you decide it is time to abandon this useful experience.

You can then have a line for such instances which says, “Doing away with a race, even the WHITE race, by any means, propaganda or force, is genocide. Please note what is said about the same policy being applied to blacks in the Mantra:”

Then for God’s sake, put in the MANTRA with the part about the blacks in caps.

Another version of the same thing is those who say the white race is guilty so it deserves genocide. I address that as GC5 commenters have learned to address it:

“You are JUSTIFYING genocide.”

Then I copy and paste in the Mantra.

No one has come back at me yet, so this seems to be effective.

I don’t add things like “of the white race” or any of the other things my fury demands. Those four words are just enough to be unarguable, IN MY EXPERIENCE.

Remember, in most cases you’re talking to the LISTENERS, not trying to convert the anti-white.

It is very hard to quit when you’re ahead, but it is also the key to what we are doing.