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The Tea Party is the Last Gasp of White Supremacy

I had a conversation with one of my kin that made an impression on me. I had made the point to him many, many times that for all the talk about how civilizations rise and fall, the fact is that no civilization falls unless it becomes brown-skinned.

A lot of people will say that they are pro-white but some of their families disagree. That is not true in MY family. All of them get the Mantra.


But when I brought this up he said, “I have been thinking about WHY whites become brown.” He knows a lot about India, and he pointed out that White India, from which China got its rice and we got our numbers, began to become non-white when it had the coloreds the Aryans had conquered under absolute control.

They stopped fighting as allies against the coloreds they had conquered and began to consider their only real enemies to be each other.

I have played around that realization a lot but no one had put in out as a naked truth the way he did.

It made me think of the way we have destroyed ourselves.

All of us ask ourselves how in God’s name Europeans massacred each other by the millions in the trenches of World War I when they together controlled the world. The simple fact is that by 1914 whites had such complete rule of the colored world that they felt that their only competitors were other Europeans.

Today, when coloreds are conquering Europe, this looks as insane as it was. But back then, if you told a Brit that he had any real enemy but “the Hun,” that his colonials would rule his descendants, he would have had you committed.

White India had been white since the Aryan takeover a thousand years before. But Buddha and the like condemned the caste system. Asoka spread Buddhism all the way to Iraq and beyond.

The top two castes switched place. Tshatriya, the warrior class, ceased to be the top group. The Brahma, the priestly class, took their place. My guess, from THINKING about what my young kin said, was that White India forgot the conquest and began to war with each other.

Buddha condemned the caste, which in Sanskrit is the “color,” system.

Flash forward to today. Our ancestors fought the Indians and the English and the French in a common cause: They wanted America for 1) whites and 2) AMERICAN whites. New England brought in black slaves and sold them to Southerners.

Then we became absolutely dominant and we began to fight each other.

Now we insist that whatever the issue is, it is NOT racial.

There are Big Spenders and their headline opposition is the Tea Party. They compete with each other in insisting that the third world and immigration and assimilation is NOT the problem

They all take it for granted that the problem is what OTHER white people think.

They, like White India, take white supremacy as a given. It is impossible for them to realize that what they take for granted is in fact white supremacy.

They think what the Founding Fathers fought for was a philosophy.

THINK is a misnomer.

The Tea Party is the last headline rebellion that insists that none of our real problems are racial.

The Tea Party is the last gasp of the assumption of white supremacy.



Excessive Offensive Concerns

If you are in Intelligence, you have to simply forget privacy. You don’t have any. You are interrogating people and prying into everything, so there are simply no questions about yourself that you have any right to hold back.

I keep telling you about interrogation techniques. The whole basis of interrogation is that you don’t tell the person what you are after or why you ask a particular question.

Which means that you have no right to ask why someone you are responsible to wants to have a piece of information about YOU. If you are going to have a license to question people without saying why, you cannot turn around and ask why some random bit of information is asked of you.

It’s bit like the IRS. Every IRS agent’s tax return is ruthlessly audited every year.

It sounds ironic that when I was put on disability, a lot of the data used to prove my disability came from the files about why I was called in for intelligence work in the first place. My qualification became my disqualifications.

This seeming contradiction is in fact just the opposite.

One of the major reasons they gritted their teeth and called on me was because I had a conscience. You are aware that the real traitors who do the damage are psychopaths.

One of the reasons for my disability, a minor one but a good example of what I am talking about here, was called “excessive offensive concerns.” In plain language this means that I am too worried about hurting others.

A psychopath is one who has no concern at all about hurting others.

But if you spend years under pressure a virtue can become an liability, an obsession. If you are the opposite of a psychopath, you can get to the point where you are obsessed with the idea that you have hurt others.

Excessive offensive concern is a bit like low blood pressure. My doctor brother was asked what he would say to someone with low blood pressure. His ironic humor made him respond, “Well, these days the first thing I would think of saying is ‘Congratulations.’”

If you have no sense of humor or proportion, you can be offended by this. But obviously what he meant was that today high blood pressure is the cause of so much death and so many strokes that low blood pressure is close to a virtue.

In an age where psychopaths rule, they will naturally look for someone who has the opposite of psychopathy, which is called “excessive offensive concerns.”

But if a person has consistently low blood pressure he may die if it becomes too low. In his case the opposite of high blood pressure, which is what nine in ten patients actually die of, must be watched for.

In my case, as I became exhausted and pressured, the opposite of psychopathy, which was a reason they needed me, went too far. If you THINK about it, this is logical. Pressure and exhaustion will cause person with low blood pressure to become more so, and a person is who is the opposite of a psychopath will not become disqualified because his psychopath tendencies increase, but because the symptoms of being the opposite of a psychopath will increase to an unhealthy level.

It is perfectly logical that an excess of the things that qualified me would be the result of too many years and too much pressure.

To put it in less sophisticated terminology, everybody goes nuts in his own way.

Anti-whites are psychopaths or sociopaths. Once I introduced this topic, commenters started talking about how having no empathy and no feeling for of loyalty were characteristics of our society.

Once I talked about it, you got a real grasp of what you had felt was wrong:

Regarding hatred of your own people as a virtue is SICK.

A person with low blood pressure understands the importance of blood pressure. I know a lot about psychopaths because what was my problem came from its opposite.

The beginning of wisdom is irony.



Baptizing Fetuses

The whole question of when life begins revolves around baptism. Originally the Church accepted I think Aristotle’s idea that a fetus was a plant, and that during pregnancy it evolved through each level of being until the end, when it was human.

Yes, fetal evolution!

I even remember a horror movie in the 50s that talked about this theory and the story line was about a duke who had been born a frog.

Later the Church adopted a Middle Ages philosopher’s idea that the embryo is as human as the baby.

This was critical, because the official dogma of the Catholic Church was then and is now that an unbaptized baby carries Original Sin to Judgment. The doctrine of Limbo was created to blunt the brutality of this, but few people know that official Church doctrine says that after the Day of Judgment there are only two destinations for the human soul, Heaven and Hell.

And, with apologies to Dante, Hell is not fair.

In the Middle Ages there was a device that looked like a grease can, with a long snout, which was used to baptize babies who were dying in the womb. It is still true that the Church considers babies who die in the womb to be damned, but it is beneath the dignity of a modern priest to do that and the law wouldn’t let them if they wanted to.

In Mexico many babies die unbaptized because they can’t pay the fee to the priest. They think their babies are damned. Actually, a parent or anybody else, male or female, Catholic or atheist, can baptize a child.

According to Church doctrine, every aborted fetus goes to Hell eventually.

In Calvinist doctrine the chosen few live a life that shows they are among the Chosen. All babies, regardless of baptism, go to Hell.

Today’s Pro-Life Movement takes none of this into account. For all its shrieks about religion, it is entirely secular. Catholic pro-Life forces, and they are by no means the entire movement, never mention baptism, because it would be beneath their dignity to admit they believe in things Mommy Professor would laugh at.

In Screwtape, CS Lewis did say the Devil was a liar. But the examples Screwtape gave, of a man who avoided evil company because he liked to eat rotting fish and went to Heaven, sound like the purely serendipitous way Judgment is decided.

There is simply no way for a person to say that he believes in Heaven and Hell and impress his suburban neighbor that he is logical, reasonable and beyond all respectable.

If you believe, there is no place for Pride, which is now called Respectability. It is a deadly sin, to the baby and to you, if you believe in the doctrine of the Church.

I do not believe the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Satan cannot build with something he does not have. But he has plenty of Pride.



“If You Cannot AFFORD One …”

When you go to the doctor, you probably pay more to feed lawyers than you do to feed MDs. And on its way to the lawyers there is huge amount of money lost in between.

No society on earth, past or present, has ever before had one in hundred of its entire population, men women and babes in arms, as lawyers. For every doctor there are several lawyers.

A lawyer can only get paid as part of a process. He must have secretaries, legal aides, the entire court system, policemen with their guns on, sitting and making out paperwork for the legal system for as much time as they are outside protecting the pubic and controlling the doughnut population.

Each lawyer makes work for other lawyers.

The same people who bitch all the time about how “justice is for sale” are always for Medicare but never mention the possibility of Judicare. And no one will ever mention it TO them if that person wants to make a living in public debate.

This idea has an interesting twist, since with Judicare the government would be paying for the problems only the government creates. There is no law without legislation, and legislation is entirely the product of the State.

No one can claim that there would be no disease without doctors. Yet the same people who insist that the State should provide all medical care never even breathe the possibility that the State, which IS responsible for all law, should make lawyers part of the civil service as they demand that doctors be.

This duality will never be mentioned by respectable conservatives. But there can certainly be no equal justice as long as one person is allowed to pay more for his lawyers than the other side.

The good thing about this from the point of view of professional liberals and professional conservatives is that it hits the right economic group. The rich are OK, which makes it OK in respectable conservative eyes, because they can afford legal help without great strain. Liberals are happy that the underclass and especially minorities can get free legal care.

I spent years trying to get conservatives to go after our real middle class, people who work for a living, and I can testify that no one can overstate how respectable conservatives, especially those from working families, are desperate to distance themselves from the “bourgeoisie” group.

Liberals HATE the bourgeoisie. Mommy Professor’s arch villain is a working man who DARES watch TV and have six pack when he comes home from work.

“If you cannot AFFORD a lawyer…”

Those are the most anti-middle class words in the English language. If you have worked and earned a house and some property, you must spend every penny of it before you can get aid from the State dealing with problems the State put in place.



Use It Or Lose It

a) They are asking us why we have such a political split in America. They talk about consensus, getting along like one people.

b) Then they tell us that we should not be one people, they say that the whole aim of America is that we not be one people.

a) They tell us that a healthy country is multicultural.

b) Then they tell us that all the people must have the same outlook, Political Correctness.

a) They tell us that there should be a great variety of races in America.

b) Then they tell us the goal is for all the races in white countries to mix into one.

Every respectable conservative makes his living by not mentioning any above in connection with its b.

Freedom of speech today means that you should be able to say anything you OUGHT to say.

Or, to put that more accurately, you should be allowed to say anything Mommy Professor decides you OUGHT to say.

It cripples your opponent when you add these few words: “what you consider to be…”

No respectable conservative ever does. That’s how he makes his living. He NEVER mentions that someone who denounces “racism” is denouncing WHAT HE JUDGES as racism.

Those three words are the difference between freedom and slavery. All any dictator needs is to be able to say that he outlaws things that are useless, heretical, pornographic, racist, or otherwise detrimental to the common good.

Most people would have no problem with some restrictions on freedom. The entire difference between freedom and slavery is those five words:


Free speech is the only salvation for free speech.

Use it or lose it.

Respectable conservatives are paid to lose it.