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Is GC5 Getting Off Track?

I am not a Leader or a big-T Teacher, like Buddha or Confucius.

I am a coach.

So I don’t tell you to play the game, I try to instill discipline into it. This training is based, not on some new theory I have come up with, but with learning by doing. General Comments 5 has become a dream in this respect, and I don’t want to lose it.

Recently one person on GC5 asked about dealing with a freaky girl who says she is pro-white but wants to insist that there is no genocide without violence. I wrote a piece about that, giving the advice that any coach would give, put it to her and then get out of it.

Stay in the game. Stay on message.

But this thread goes on and on. Less and less people in General Comments 5 seem to be coming back from actually trying things and talking about their experiences and going into the familiar old Stormfront theorizing.

Someone suggested “a new approach,” which can be good or disastrous. It is good if it is based on PRACTICE, but no results of such practice were mentioned.

This worries the Old Coach a LOT.

This is what a Coach is FOR on the first place. The Coach is not always right. The Coach tends to see what you do wrong rather than what you do right.

As I said earlier, I am always nervous that GC5 will get off track. It seems too good to be true.

My worry is increased when an endless string seems to have begun on this girl who argues about what genocide is. Anyone who is familiar with Stormfront will recognize the symptoms.

But no one explained BUGS to this person.

When a New Idea is brought up, I need for our regulars to insert the discipline on their own. Coaching would be pointless if it did not produce new coaches.

The other, separate, incident worries me. If you have a better approach, fine. But try it first.

Imagine a couple of guys coming in to the Coach with a new theory of passing. The Coach will ask, first, “How did it work when you tried it?”

“Well, coach, we only tried it a couple of times, and there was no defense. But it’s a terrific theory. Instead of practice, let’s get the whole team together and talk about it.”

That is good enough for Stormfront, but I was hoping that GC5 had moved from the Junior High School team to the pros.