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Bob Has an Ego: He’s a Sucker for Praise From the Praiseworthy

A lot of our people came here with experience in Stormfront. So they understand my decades of nightmarishly being recognized for knowing how to wage the battle but having not one person who saw me win being the least bit interested in HOW I win.

For decades I have fought the battle by myself and have been recognized for being a past professional at winning it. I have stuck my neck out alone and been considered really heroic in my willingness to do so.

But instead of encouraging, all that recognition became part of the nightmare. Year after year, people would tell me my approach worked and I showed true courage and then they would show not the slightest interest in HOW I made it work.

In that world, it would be less of a nightmare if they simply ignored you.

How do you think Knute Rockne would have felt if he had been recognized as the greatest coach of his time but those who praised him had not the slightest interest on his comments about HOW to play football?

The fact that “Bob is great” has been invariably followed with no interest at all in HOW I do the job so well soured me on the Heroic Bob laudatories.

Praise from the praiseworthy is the exact opposite. The fact that I looked a bit pissed off at someone praising me led to another myth, that Heroic Bob had that other mythical characteristic of a Real Hero, a complete lack of ego.

No way, Jose.

Dave is constantly giving me credit by name for the basis of what he is expanding on. Some pro-whites here have criticized him for it, but I eat it up. Dave’s praise has a FOLLOW UP. He is producing great insights and giving me credit for the splendid use he is making of my insights.

Lord Nelson pointed out:

“For the benefit of any newbie’s here. Let me explain that I still remember when Stormfront OV’s was crawling with dozens and dozens of Anti-Whites. They called us Racists, Haters, Nazis, and White Supremacists. And in return we obliged them, by talking about Black Crime Stats, Hitler, and our Beautiful White Race. While at the same time, always being sure to call them the same word they liked to call themselves “Antis”. 

“Back then any 14 yr old White kid who could type, and had even the most basic Marxist programming. Could literally, come to the worlds biggest Pro-White website. Proudly promote and support the genocide of their own race. And then walk away feeling all warm, fuzzy, and superior. After being treated to a display of exactly what their TV, and trendy Anti-White school teachers had told them they would see.

“With a few exceptions. It really was like we were all just a bunch of dumb actors being paid to play the role, that had been written for us by our own enemies.”

Anyone who had the impression that Heroic Bob was immune to praise should have felt my reaction to THAT!

I lit up like a Christmas tree.

You seer, LN’s praise was not a prelude to “Now let’s talk about how real people get real things done,” the pro-white version of “DUHH!”

LN sees what I did and he is BUILDING on it.

I have a strong ego, I LIKE praise.

But only when the praise is not a prelude to “DUHH!”