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Bob Has an Ego: He’s a Sucker for Praise From the Praiseworthy

Posted by Bob on December 2nd, 2010 under Coaching Session

A lot of our people came here with experience in Stormfront. So they understand my decades of nightmarishly being recognized for knowing how to wage the battle but having not one person who saw me win being the least bit interested in HOW I win.

For decades I have fought the battle by myself and have been recognized for being a past professional at winning it. I have stuck my neck out alone and been considered really heroic in my willingness to do so.

But instead of encouraging, all that recognition became part of the nightmare. Year after year, people would tell me my approach worked and I showed true courage and then they would show not the slightest interest in HOW I made it work.

In that world, it would be less of a nightmare if they simply ignored you.

How do you think Knute Rockne would have felt if he had been recognized as the greatest coach of his time but those who praised him had not the slightest interest on his comments about HOW to play football?

The fact that “Bob is great” has been invariably followed with no interest at all in HOW I do the job so well soured me on the Heroic Bob laudatories.

Praise from the praiseworthy is the exact opposite. The fact that I looked a bit pissed off at someone praising me led to another myth, that Heroic Bob had that other mythical characteristic of a Real Hero, a complete lack of ego.

No way, Jose.

Dave is constantly giving me credit by name for the basis of what he is expanding on. Some pro-whites here have criticized him for it, but I eat it up. Dave’s praise has a FOLLOW UP. He is producing great insights and giving me credit for the splendid use he is making of my insights.

Lord Nelson pointed out:

“For the benefit of any newbie’s here. Let me explain that I still remember when Stormfront OV’s was crawling with dozens and dozens of Anti-Whites. They called us Racists, Haters, Nazis, and White Supremacists. And in return we obliged them, by talking about Black Crime Stats, Hitler, and our Beautiful White Race. While at the same time, always being sure to call them the same word they liked to call themselves “Antis”. 

“Back then any 14 yr old White kid who could type, and had even the most basic Marxist programming. Could literally, come to the worlds biggest Pro-White website. Proudly promote and support the genocide of their own race. And then walk away feeling all warm, fuzzy, and superior. After being treated to a display of exactly what their TV, and trendy Anti-White school teachers had told them they would see.

“With a few exceptions. It really was like we were all just a bunch of dumb actors being paid to play the role, that had been written for us by our own enemies.”

Anyone who had the impression that Heroic Bob was immune to praise should have felt my reaction to THAT!

I lit up like a Christmas tree.

You seer, LN’s praise was not a prelude to “Now let’s talk about how real people get real things done,” the pro-white version of “DUHH!”

LN sees what I did and he is BUILDING on it.

I have a strong ego, I LIKE praise.

But only when the praise is not a prelude to “DUHH!”

  1. #1 by Dave on 12/02/2010 - 10:33 am

    Robert Whitaker has said, “The greatest evils of any age are denied and unrecognized.”

    This is the large, the really big truth of our plight.

    The Established Religion of Political Correctness is not only evil, it is hideously evil. The unremitting silence and passive acceptance of the awful regime of the Established Religion of Political Correctness is very trying to endure.

    The massive praise that comes Robert Whitaker’s way is because he is among the very few that have found a means to effectively break the silence about the evil horrors of the Established Religion of our times.

    There is an ancient saying that “Death walks on cat’s feet”. But the truth is that hideous evil walks on cat’s feet.

    It is the plausible lie that does people in, the thing that sounds morally correct, compassionate and fair. So people fall for the sophistry that it is our common humanity that unites us and racial considerations should be secondary. People fall for it because at the surface level it consoles them. As an idea, it seems so natural, consoling the conscience without any price being paid.

    Yet that is the very steed war and ruin mount. Everybody gets to pretend that evil isn’t evil, but something else. But the truth is it is all a nightmare. It is all a hideous horror. And everybody stands around pretending it isn’t what is really is.

    Yet the very people perpetrating this evil endlessly flog us with the Nazi regime when you would have had to look far and wide to find a Nazi more evil than they are, more ghastly brutal, more manically criminal, and more horribly deformed. Yet they all pretend that the horror wrought by self-righteous psychopaths is somehow yesterday’s news and that the world has somehow moved on.

    So we have these decrepit WWII clowns telling us that they alone know something about the hard facts or war, when the truth is that the horrors of war and ruin are upon us manifold and have been for decades. It is they who know nothing of the hard truths of war, for if they did, they never would have succumbed to Political Correctness, sowing the white race into a ghastly and ruinous state for the past 65 years. And while they lecture us about war, they incite war, they invite war, and they willingly sow their own children and grandchildren into living hell.

    That is the Established Religion of Political Correctness and the evil we have to endure. The WWII generation, knowing nothing of war, had a big part in bringing these awful facts upon us.

    If you do not feel real hatred for our enemies there is something wrong with you. I admire Robert Whitaker because I can feel the hatred in his heart. It is real and genuine and a hatred that I share completely.

    The anti-white whites are abominations. They deserve to be hated and despised. The promoters of the Religion of Political Correctness are monsters. Those that succumb to them are equally hideous. These people must be abolished from life forever. And they must be made to pay for their crimes. They must never be forgiven. We have a solemn responsibly not only to send them to hell, but to send them to the worst part of hell.

    The worst part of hell is where they belong. It is our responsibility to see to it that they get there, forcibility, by our hands.

  2. #2 by Simmons on 12/02/2010 - 12:01 pm

    POWER The Mantra is Power. The people Bob describes on SF were not ready for power, few are in this world. You see this with Mommy Prof’s trained WNs they want to sit in the back and offer the pithy barely PC comment that will get them a pat on the back.

    As for those in the movement who claim to be for power accumulation like Duke, he is as Bob wrote uncomfortable with using other’s ideas even if they are open source like Bob’s (this is really freaking dumb power is power). So I ask if anyone here is friends with Mr. Duke, get the man thinking right.

    We are the new Patriarchs (No we will not be trailer park Fuherers disabuse onesself) we must stand at the head of the class look down upon Mommy Prof and tell the followers what is to transpire.

    AFKAN after straightening out Vlad Kranz on CFN please come back and tell us about the “New Patriarchs.”

  3. #3 by ANOTHERWHITERABBIT on 12/02/2010 - 1:04 pm

    how about a praise with a i see some of if it and have used some it myself that works very well. but face it bob your Prometheus and not all of us are plato’s

  4. #4 by shari on 12/02/2010 - 2:56 pm

    Praise from the praisworthy is a DIFFERENT thing from flattery and vainity. So, even, just trying to do the right thing matters,whether you are expert or not. Jesus knew about this. He didn’t care for those who SAID “Lord Lord” but didn’t DO what he said.

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