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That Revolution and This Revolution

Whenever you read the news or history, always remember the question, “Why was this information produced?”

One major factor in what is used to explain big happenings is that people demand big causes. So when Kennedy became the first president in sixty years to be assassinated, it was not just the pro-Cuban bias in the press that caused all that denial.

What happened was simply that a pro-Communist basket case had been allowed back into the US and he shot the president. That is a hell of a way to take all the wind out of a potentially Great Event.

Defeatists in our ranks do not want the Mantra to work for a reason of which they are not aware: It’s not exciting. They want the degeneration of the whole world to be the result of something really huge and mysterious.

This rule applies to much of history. By 1776 twelve of  thirteen colonies had thrown out their Royal Governors. Johnathan Trumbull of Connecticut survived only by switching sides. For all the nonsense about the dominance of Tories in some colonies, you don’t have to be a statistician to know that 13 out of 13 is seldom coincidental.

The end result was made inevitable when all those farmers showed up to bushwhack the British soldiers as they went back to Boston.

During the entire war, the British held the cities, which you can do with an army, but the only other land they commanded was the ground they stood on. And they could not afford to occupy the cities forever.

When the Brits took Charleston in 1780, historians say the Revolution appeared lost. But the countryside rose against them, bushwhacking them.

There were lots of Tories in South Carolina. Those who say that America is a Land of Immigrants don’t like to note that the only person at the Battle of King’s Mountain who had not been born in America was the defeated commander Ferguson.

But historians want to talk about the French Alliance, about General Washington and all the rest. Who would want to read the reality, that the people who kicked out the Royal Governors just had to keep the British bleeding money until they decided to go home?

Compared to The International Genius Conspiracy, the Mantra has little excitement and is just a lot of work. Those who are in this fight for fun and emotional outlet will never be sold on it.