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Would a Black Line Go Unnoticed?

One part of the Mantra refers to how a sane black man would react to exactly the same “anti-racist” policy if applied to black countries. You don’t get the point unless you go into the details.

Anti-whites insist on immigration into white countries which have not adequately mixed to be called brown. The exact equivalent would be if World Opinion split the island of Santo Domingo into two categories.

Santa Domingo is divided into two countries, the Dominican Republic, which is mixed race, and Haiti, which is black. The policy the Mantra refers to would force Haiti to be “ready for immigration,” as they are saying of Eastern Europe.

The policy no sane black man would ignore would divide every island in the Caribbean into “black” and “mixed enough.”

Such a map would have zigzags on it that would make a gerrymandered district look like a straight-line drawing.

The American Virgin Islands are definitely black enough to fall inside the Black Line at which the world takes charge to be sure they bring in immigrants AND assimilate with them. Puerto Rico, if it were independent, would be “brown enough” to lie outside the Black Line.

I need for someone who is familiar with the Caribbean to make up a partial map of the Black Line as it would be if the genocide were reversed. The point is that you could not make up a line like that and make it the Basis of World Opinion without any sane black raising hell about it.

Please don’t try to get it perfect. Just a few more verbal examples like splitting Santo Domingo will do.

The White Line seems to run across the borders between Turkey and Greece. The attitude of the world toward Greece cutting off immigration and, MORE IIMPORTANTLY, assimilation, would be instantly hostile.

The Black Line would run between the coast of Africa and Madagascar. Spain is certainly within the White Line but no one would even imagine World Opinion discussing immigration a few miles away from Spain south of Gibraltar.

The Black Line would be somewhere in the Sahara and about the top of Ethiopia.

My question is, what are the chances that the Black Line would go unnoticed if very single strip of land inside it, as in the case of Santo Domingo, were the focus of a world-wide “anti-racist” campaign?