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The Holocaust: Follow the MONEY

When I was in Europe in the 50s and even the 70s, Hate Laws were barely extant. Some countries didn’t even have them on the books. Others only enforced them when there was violence.

Now when my latest book was found on Eric Fromme when he went back to Canada, it was seized by police and it took them two months to decide it was legal. People go to prison, not only for saying un-PC things, but in Germany the lawyer can go to jail for defending such a writer in court.

One advantage of me being around for so long is that I NOTICE the difference.

But I finally figured out WHY the Holocaust Denial campaign has gotten so extreme.

Science has caught up with the Holocaust. Not one single Holocaust myth survives which would not go down in a roar of laughter if scientists were let loose on it.

For example, many of the Mass Slaughter locations have been declared Holy of Holies because in so many cases there are no bodies there. One of the great proven facts in the 1990s was that the Nazis rounded up and slaughtered Polish officers in the Katyn Forest.

After the Iron Curtain fell, the first group of people on the ground found that those skeletons had Soviet bullets in them.

I haven’t heard the Katyn Forest Massacre mentioned since.

If you go on a tour of Russia, you are told where Germans killed a bunch of people. More than one tourist has asked, “Didn’t’ STALIN kill anybody?”

No. From 1941 to 1945 every mass grave was filled by Nazis.

But the fall of the Iron Curtain is not the real problem. When they analyzed the soap everybody knew was made out of Jews, it turned out to be vegetable based. I have not heard of a Jewish Lampshade in decades.

The hair of the Holocaust victims in the Eastern European death camps is obviously plastic.

No one in the 50s could have foreseen in what detail our present technology can get the dates of deaths and who caused them. None of us have heard of a single instance where the Holocaust claims were backed by recent science.

And if one HAD, we would have heard of it a thousand times.

We don’t want to let people get off onto the Holocaust, but among ourselves, this is a good thing to see clearly. Those laws are not aimed at those who DENY the Holocaust, but against anyone who DISCUSSES it.


The expert who was sentenced to six years in an Austrian prison for denying the Holocaust did not deny it. He said it existed, and some three hundred thousand Jews died in it.

The Holocaust industry is acting like any other industry whose existence is hanging by a string.

The tobacco industry is well know to have suppressed grants for serious studies of tobacco’s use on health. Everybody knows that now.

But the media only Follow the Money when they are ALLOWED to.