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What Terrifies the Anti-Whites is SIMPLE Reality

Posted by Bob on December 18th, 2010 under Coaching Session

If you look at the comments on “”Confessions of a Recovering Economist,” they lead in an interesting direction. They came to the conclusion that the most interesting thing I have said about economics is that it is racial.

The way you tell how a country is doing is not by its capital investment or any of the indicators economists write books about. You tell how well a country is doing by the color of its skin.

As with the Holocaust, establishment strategy is to prevent any DISCUSSION of this obvious fact.

But lately a few commentators have actually cottoned onto an interesting fact.

You remember how I pointed out that anyone who knows Marxist theory knows that the term “political correctness” is purely and solely Marxist?

I have lately heard a few RESPECTABLE CONSERVATIVES, the dregs of the intellectual barrel, actually point out that trying to explain everything in terms of money is Marxist.

I am not being sarcastic when I say that I am always a bit shocked when a respectable conservative sees a fundamental reality. They are selected because they are people who DON’T see reality.

Marxists see economics as a religion. All of Marxist history is a “class struggle.” But to put that more accurately, Marxists do not recognize ANY history that cannot be traced back to who gets the money.

Libertarians also see economics as a religion. Marxists are comfortable with libertarians because both of these groups are of the same faith, like Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism.

To a Marxist, a libertarian is a schismatic, not a heretic. They worship the same god, but in a different way. That is fine with Political Correctness. As I have said, Holocaust denial laws are not to prevent DENIAL of Holocaust, they are aimed to prevent DISCUSSION of the Holocaust.

Political Correctness chooses opponents who do not DISCUSS their fundamental weak points. The basics of Marxism are, like the Holocaust, simply outdated. Marxism is based on the Rousseauvian idea that man is the only social animal. Like Rousseau, Marxists base everything on the idea that man would be perfect if he would return to a state of nature.

Like Rousseau, Marx saw a state of nature as classless and without violence.

Like Holocaust myths, this house of cards would collapse instantly if anyone ever disputed them because the simple movement of behavioral science has made the Rousseauvian/Marxist world view laughable.

You have noticed their growing desperation, but most people don’t see where it comes from. Like the Holocaust Industry with their soap from Jews and their lampshades, it is exposure of their fundamental world view is threatened, not by exposures from Conspiracy Theories, but by someone saying their basic ideas in plain English.

Someone must take up the job of arguing that they are mistaken, not idiotic. That is what libertarians and neoconservatives are for.

  1. #1 by shari on 12/18/2010 - 8:56 am

    For way too long marxist professors have gotten WAAAYY too much money, while solving NO problems. Meanwhile, others have spent their lives, just treading water. Paying more and more, just to hang on.

    Simmons hits it again. It’s a binary world. Pro-white or anti-white. Mommy professor has absolutely NOTHING to offer the future.

  2. #2 by Simmons on 12/18/2010 - 11:48 am

    Someone named robo49 uses MANTRA “english” in the comments of an article about the “Redneck Agenda.” not me btw

  3. #3 by BGLass on 12/18/2010 - 12:07 pm

    That’s why so many real protestant Bible Belters sent to northeast colleges wind up just doing drugs and flunking out and why states s/a WV get relentlessly hammered still with various new missionaries, imo. I read an academic article suggesting the best thing to do with WV would be re-tool peace corp types now in Sub-saharan Africa and send THEM there, (maybe THAT would work on those who seem impossible to reconstruct as Marxist, perceiving only materially). They’ve been economically cut off, lived on war grounds, missioned-to, etc., and nothing works on these people so far.

    Just now, on Fox, was a woman advocating for programs and saying the Repeater: “individual banked savings does not translate into growth.” She believes giving non-whites money is better (since, in her view, they will be more likely to spend it—“non-whites and jewish institutions will fritter away more money, so we better give it to them, and thus the economy will be helped.” (she didn’t say this, it was the subtext)

    But in reality, those whites she was talking about save to create the circumstances in which even more wealth can THEN BE further created. The “nest egg” will create the circumstances, psychological and material, for future productivity. Even more true now than ever—because of the breakup of their genuine communities. Now, extra money has to be made to try to approximate what the old community used to do (wealth to fly kids between separated family members, to pay for two households, to pay for the private schools and on and on).

    Whites attempt to produce materially the circumstances of MORE THAN material living, which lifestyle used to provide, (and this is all a world that Marxists cannot even perceive.) Eg: being poor in a “PLE” is better than rich in SoCal. —But Marxists can’t understand why people with higher IQs than they have would CHOOSE to be poorer and don’t want to work for t.v..

    Some Respectables do sort of get that their only yardstick is money/material, (and PC marxist communism is their only real religion, no matter if they attend some ‘mass’ or church or whatever. THEN THEY realize they have no soul and TRY to do “good works,” and “charity” and so on, (as if this public show would convince anyone). Like Dennis Leary was on O’Reilly talking about his Catholic charity ideas the other day.

    But Marxist handouts are NOT “charity.” Charity exists in a whole other orientation to reality. There is no reason for a real materialist to do “charity,” and that is not what the handouts are about.

    A lot of Protestant America, deep down, has been grappling with this hyper-exposure to all the people without Souls and they don’t know how to respond. Many “immigrants” cannot even perceive what America was doing before—and for the Protestants, motivation is everything.

    For Catholics, like on t.v., there is an emphasis on “works” instead, which seems to allow more of a crossover (like O’Reilly would be more incllned to say ‘whatever gets it done,’ —a kind WORK has been done, and that’s the point, even if it was a communist, marxist, pc, who did it.

    A lot of protestants would disagree with that sentiment. Motivation, not works, trumps. This seems to be a pertinent depth difference— and is important to this universalizing of the terms “charity” and communist “programs,” maybe.

    In some ways, this is just outside maybe all christian theodicy. maybe you can be an ‘unsaved soul,’ or the fallen, but pod people simply not having a soul at all is very horrible—like taking all but money in life and just lopping it off.

    (I’ve heard Christian catholics on radio shows and read their books, and so I do know they are not all Marxist; but how would one tell t.v. commentators that they are marxists when they go to church, lol.)

  4. #4 by Dave on 12/18/2010 - 1:34 pm

    The entire Establishment is terrified because they are so far behind and so discombobulated they are now struggling in the quicksand of a veritable psychological meltdown. It is bad enough to be stumbling around never to regain your footing, but it is worse and just terrible not even to be able to see your own finger in front of your face.

    I can’t imagine what it is like for a kid mired in academia in this environment. Talk about bizarre, all these middle aged farts running around pretending they have mastered the technology, meanwhile life is in peril each time they start their cars.

    It is like this old accountant I once knew who was all stressed out trying to program a spreadsheet with an IBM PC he secretly hated. I left the building with him after work and he climbed into his old Buick, which was old enough to still have one of those big “12 miles per gallon” V-8 engines in it, and while he was driving down the carousel of the high rise parking garage his foot slipped off the power brake and accidently hit the accelerator. His Buick took off with a roar and hit the sixth floor landing at an angle, penetrated the outer wall of the garage, flew out over 2nd Avenue, turned upside down, and crashed into the pavement below with an explosive bang just like he was in a free falling aircraft or something.

    It was said he died “instantly”. I heard about it on the news after I got home on the bus. I couldn’t believe it. I said to myself, “He was alive when I saw him just 15 minutes ago! Now he is dead as a doornail just 15 minutes later, all because of a stupid electronic spreadsheet!” How could this happen?

    When I got in the door of my apartment, I looked at my face in the mirror by the door and said to myself, “I simply MUST stop reading books and pay attention to reality!” It takes a shock like that to wake you up. That is when I realized that the Buddha was right: If you want to understand something, look into it directly. Failure to pay attention to reality is a highly penalizing event.

    The whole Establishment is like the old accountant. They are lost causes. It is just “no can do” for them. That is the government. That is academia. “No can do”.

    The poor kid who doesn’t get this is lost. Marijuana and doobies are no solution.

    Our technology is running a hundred miles an hour, day in and day out. It is out in front of everybody.

    Got to have an IQ that is off the charts for this baby! That is the way I see it.

  5. #5 by Dick_Whitman on 12/18/2010 - 4:01 pm

    LOOK, if anti-Whites really believed in what they say about multicult superiority over Whiteness they would let Whites in America have a small run down region somewhere in the country. They could say “OK trailer trash ignunt whites with your scotch and paps blue ribbon, go and display for us how you’re such a failure. Go ahead and have total freedom of association and fail in front of modern media power.”

    Why don’t they do it? They could prove once and for all that Whites can’t succeed without oppressing the developing world. Everyone can watch.

    Why don’t they do it? Maybe it would be good for the economy? Maybe people would find new industries and concepts to invest in.

    This region would still pay federal taxes. Some little rundown region somewhere in America would be a new experiment in democracy. This could be a new “laboratory” for Democracy.

    Lets see if Respectable “tough” Conservatives back this form of freedom and democracy, just like they back “spreading democracy” in the Middle East?

    If RespectiCons really believe in “freedom” they would back this idea.

    I watched one of the RespectiCons on FOX call for the Wiki-leaks owner’s death. Would any Respecti ever get this tough about White children being forced assimilated? To be honest, I don’t think we want a guy who talks about killing people with such a cavalier attitude on our side anyway?

    Why don’t anti-Whites allow us to fail?

  6. #6 by BGLass on 12/19/2010 - 9:18 am

    Some little rundown region somewhere in America would be a new experiment in democracy. This could be a new “laboratory” for Democracy.

    Lets see if Respectable “tough” Conservatives back this form of freedom and democracy, just like they back “spreading democracy” in the Middle East?

    It would be easier, maybe, if an Anti-genocide group were more visibly, actively lobbying for Tax-paid Reservations for previous-now-defunct-american-whites, s/a the Indians got. The group would need a forum to explain why they want this, instead of lobbying for neighborhoods, or the “ple,” and so on.

    A lot of the immigrant ‘acts’ in washington seem to call for either thought-reform and re-education for them and/or military service. –just like wwii vets, or ‘back to school moms’ (the female half of the population conscripted into work in the 70s). This is a pattern –over and over– for years. There is an endless supply of populations hungry enough for re-education and service, but as this goes faster and faster (when a group catches on, another is imported, seems like), so more quickly huge sidelined groups simply stand around, maybe.

    Since so much spending has to be done, it’s surprising THEY, themselves, haven’t come up with such new Neo-Arthurdales, anyway. (Although the way Eleanor oversaw those matrix-skinner-box towns, they would not be like a white region really).– last ditch effort to make people totally pliable.

  7. #7 by BGLass on 12/19/2010 - 9:53 am

    I can’t imagine what it is like for a kid mired in academia in this environment. ”

    The same as in 1970, maybe, except the “alienation” the remaining white students feel and which for “grades” are supposed to spout is caused by “late capitalism”– is more aptly simply identified as the feelings occurring b/c they are cut off —through media stories, narrative, mythologies— from experiencing life in their own skin, hearing through white ears, seeing through white eyes, through white heterosexuality, etc.

    The alienation (cut-off-ness) may be perceived from their own race (from perceiving as if they are hearing, seeing from the point of view of their own white skin, instead of being taught to perceive as if they are “loyal” to “minorities,” and see themselves as “bad” (having taken in so much anti-white, and especially anti-wasp content and programs, narratives, mythologies, etc.,.)

    Today they would be more likely to have kids than 30 years ago, maybe.

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