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A Lesson From History

I am writing this at 12:49 pm, December 20, 2010.

That is because BoardAd just reminded me that 1 pm today is the 150th anniversary of South Carolina’s secession.

South Carolina wanted secession ten years earlier, but the Great Compromise of that year and the death of Zachary Taylor, who would have vetoed it, stopped other Southern States from going along with them.

It is truism that, if the South had seceded in 1850, our bid for independence would have succeeded. Without the advanced railroad system and the extra growth of Northern versus Southern strength by 1860, they could not have won.

The new president. Millard Fillmore, was not the anti-Southern fanatic Lincoln was.

By 1870, with the new technology of repeating weapons and other advances, the South would probably not have tried to secede. So, as usual, the pro-whites picked the worst possible time to take action.

A lot of South Carolinians, like Civil War hero Wade Hampton, actually BRAGGED after the War that they had been for peace in 1850.

South Carolina has always had a lot more guts than brains.

It is now 1 pm. As so often before, I glory in the Palmetto State’s old spunk and I can only sigh at their stupidity.

This is a very old story to me. In my youth we all knew that all that kept pro-whites from dominating national politics was the Solid South for the Democrats and the Republican loyalty of Northern conservatives.

By 1964, at the advanced age of 23, I has already spent ten years in active politics, half of which had been an attempt to get South Carolina conservatives behind Barry Goldwater.

In fact, what may be considered my later prescience in beginning right after that election a sixteen year dedication to uniting Northern ethnics and the Southern white votes with Northern conservatives was not prescience, it was experience.

I had been at this for over twenty years by the time of Reagan’s election, and only I had the field experience to carry it off.

We could have won our independence if we had acted when we could. We could have ruled America with an iron hand if our split between the Solid South and the conservative Republicans had not left national politics to the anti-whites.

Yes, a hundred and fifty years since 1860 is a long, long time.

But I have spent over a third of that long, long time trying to get pro-whites to play what is obviously the right hand, and to do it NOW.


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I go on Skype regularly only with BoardAd.

I like to think this is an honor for BoardAd. You see, I am embarrassed by the things I simply CAN’T do. BoardAd has learned how to deal with this without any thought as to why I SHOULD be able to do a simple thing when I am so good at complicated things.


BoardAd is an excellent editor. Others COULD do these things, I guess, but BoardAd is the one who DID it.

From time to time we go into a joint discussion with others on Skype.

I just told BoardAd that it irritates me when he always says “Bob already did that …” instead, of something like “WE already said that.”

On Capitol Hill, when the congressman described something I initiated, did, and left him a speech that was the first he ever heard of it, the congressman always said “I did this.”

But if we were in conference and he referred to something he had done, he would say “We” did that.

This was not courtesy, it was fact. Whatever he did, WE were responsible for. That, children, is what he HIRED me for. When the whole staff went with him to China, he made sure I would be in the office, because I could substitute for him. That’s what SENIOR staff MEANS.

In other words, I was responsible for everything “we” had done.

That is literally why they paid me the big bucks.

That is why I am not impressed when a congressman or senator says he is “giving back” some of his staff money. The average dumbass voter thinks this is glorious.

Actually, what said congressman is saying is, “You get all the representation you deserve just from me. You don’t need me to get some extra staff.”

If you can’t use all your staff money to oversee a trillion dollar budget, you should give up your seat in the House and take a janitorial position.

I once brought twenty to forty THOUSAND working people to DC for a JOINT march against busing AND protesting against dirty textbooks. They were the first real grassroots march united against the Education Establishment.

This was not a march by Mommy Professor’s rich college kids and professional activists and unemployed blacks. It was working people who had to find time off and who chartered their own buses.

THOUSANDS of them.

Senator Helms was all for it but he could not even spare a staff member to represent him at the speeches in the back of the Capitol. He couldn’t spare anybody because he was “giving back” staff money and his staff was already worked to death.

I was NOT impressed. He owed these people at least a token showing that other congressmen gave them.

That’s the sort of thing he was sent to Washington to DO.

I am a damned good team player and I am a great delegator of authority. The whole concept of BUGS is to give US a consistent message that WORKS. William Pierce is a hero of our movement. But his one great failure was that, as he died, he could not say “We.”

So what I am saying here is that WE should learn from that.