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The REAL Computer Revolution

Posted by Bob on December 22nd, 2010 under Coaching Session


In the fourteenth century a really wealthy College at Oxford might have twenty books, each of them chained to the wall, and a full-time Librarian to watch over them. If you wanted a book, you had to get permission to copy it by hand.

In that age, someone who had READ books was in a class by himself. A surgeon who had learned his trade on a battle field was a common laborer. He was scum compared to a University Doctor who could quote Galen from having read that Roman book HIMSELF.

In other words, back when the few books were chained to the wall, you wowed ‘em with your KNOWLEDGE.

I spent my first year in college in pre-Med. One day an old WWI vet called up my mother and said, “My boy hurt his leg. Is Bobby fur along enough in his books that he could help out?”

He had no idea that pre-med has nothing to do with medicine. His question was an echo of our history: a book is a book, and Bobby was reading books.

Medicine was dead in its tracks so long as those who could READ the ancient texts were so far above people who actually CURED things.

In fact, this ancient prejudice was very much alive in my youth. This is the age when Mommy Professor took over. Information was still very much restricted to people who had time to search it out, people who did it for a living.

The invention of movable type was a biggy. It made the literate middle class feel itself able to face the guys who had the chained books. But that revolution was not complete until the Google Age.

You can’t wow anybody with your knowledge now. And every year it becomes harder to do so. Revolutions like this take a LONG time to filter down to the point where everybody realizes it.

You are the first people to even HEAR the essence of this revolution in a historical context. But BUGS is also the first place where we have realized that what has generated the dominance of anti-whites is not a Genius Conspiracy, but the simple and natural prejudices of a group that has become a major power and a concentration of wealth known as college professors.

You did not experience first-hand the sheer power of a PhD in the 1960s. The people who were “fur along enough in their books” were still there.

The basis of Mommy Professor’s hold is collapsing with every increase in the speed of computers.

  1. #1 by Dave on 12/22/2010 - 9:12 am

    There has always been compelling practical reasons for people to be able to read. That need forever feeds on itself and continues to do so. It is a major force of nature.

    But let a man connect literacy and access to writings with pedagogy involving the subject of “human conscience” and we are visited with big trouble.

    You have to understand the moralistic assholes that every generation produces really believe the BS they read in treatises about “human conscience” (even when disguised as works in economics) and also in the traditional manure spewed out in the standard “sacred texts” that plague us generation after generation through descent.

    Underlying, this is what makes the Establishment so intolerable and nobody gets Robert Whitaker when he tirelessly tells us it is all a RELIGION.

    These people think that everything people have ever found out about right and wrong is somehow important and accordingly there is some sort of cumulative process, recorded in books and implemented in policy, raising people up. These people are intolerable, yet they are everywhere. That is where Mommy Professor, pastors and priests, judges and jailers, and all the rest of the Establishment assholes come from. Their shtick is that there is this developmental “human conscience” that is somehow ALL IMPORTANT and that they personally are somehow responsible for seeing to it that “progress” regarding it gets done.

    They are intolerable, yet that is our whole judiciary, most churches large and small, and the whole friggin liberal and respectable conservative political establishment.

    It was these assholes and their nonsense that got us racial integration.

    God bless the Internet if the Internet somehow supports the process of busting the time honored horrid notions regarding the “developmental human conscience”. And three cheers for screwing the idea that we all must somehow be involved in the process of achieving a higher, fairer, and more moral world. (Wouldn’t it be great if the ultimate effect of the Internet was to put “paid” to that idea altogether?)

    Heaven for me would be if I were to be able to take a crowbar and beat the human vectors of this moralistic crap to a bloody pulp. I would love to take them and beat them to a bloody pulp one by one for the duration of a least one and perhaps two eternities.

    Man oh man would that be satisfying.

  2. #2 by BGLass on 12/22/2010 - 9:44 am

    Most have trouble nowadays trying to make life have meaning without the progressivism, and that seems the only point of it, really. They can be are part of something grand, therefore their lives MEAN something. They think the only alternative is the abyss (where there is no meaning).

    But supposed “progressivisms” selectivity is easily exposed. Like, tell a Catholic progressive that Protestantism made them irrelevant– and suddenly, it’s all about heretics again. Only certain things “progress” —not others and you better be clear on what progresses and what doesn’t. But if you point this out, you’re bad-name-of-the-day.

    And even to this day, in judaism, the 613 commandment is to literally COPY the bible over, word for word, and you do not even have to know the language, hebrew, to fulfill this commandment of your god, but you can just copy something you don’t understand and this is a commandment of your god, the 613th one, a fact of which many christians, and even unorthodox jews, are unaware. A lot of leaders cut their teeth on this commandment, and yet with no understanding of the others who do not have, or would never have, such a commandment, and yet the others who are not told by their god to copy by rote are called “xenophobes.”

    Listening to publishing types talk about the internet is instructive— as they mostly want to put old wine in new wine skins, as if they can just transfer their old content to the new forms. Barring that, they want it all shut down, or regulations, etc. A voice from the stupid public is a very frightening thing, even as stats show the public would rather get its news and history from the street.

    In all the programs money flying around, no one —not one!– said a word about “Putting Computers in Every American Home!” before it’s even more regulated.

  3. #3 by Frank on 12/22/2010 - 12:12 pm

    Bob, we have the Mantra and now you’ve told us about broken records and how effective they are.

    The Mantra points out White Genocide and addresses the “racism” thing.

    “History has always shown that there’s something wrong with an idea which lands you in jail for discussing it” causes a devastating harmonic vibration in the anti-White closed system supported by the “holocaust” thing.

    I just found a “one-liner” at which seems ripe for turning into a talking point, and I’d like your opinion. Here it is:

    “Here is a practical definition of anti-Semitism: the belief by gentiles that Jews may be criticized like any other group.”

    My question for Bob or any others at BUGS is …

    Could this be crafted into a talking point which effectively addresses the “anti-semitism” thing?

    And by “address” I don’t mean an argument or discussion, but a sonic-resonance which shatters or causes cracks to appear in the closed system maintained by the “anti-semitism” thing.

  4. #4 by Epiphany on 12/23/2010 - 5:32 am

    I am sure that eventually and inevitably the sins of the Soviet Union will come out. Then, people would realize that the Soviet Communists did much the same type of attrocities that we associate with the German Nazis!

  5. #5 by Dave on 12/23/2010 - 11:20 am

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