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The Jews Did Not Invent Our Dedication to Self-Destruction

Posted by Bob on December 26th, 2010 under Coaching Session

People who blame everything on Jews miss a fundamental point of strategy.

When an enemy breaks through your lines into your own territory, of course you raise hell about it and call for your people to see them as enemies and insist the territory is yours. But that is not all you do.

A general who does nothing but bitch about an attack is a fool. When his line is breached, he takes a look at WHY his line broke.

No one has any use for a general who simply cries and blames the enemy for his defeat.

He looks at his line and finds why his defense didn’t WORK.

We are not innocent bystanders. We are a people which has allowed itself to be threatened with extinction. Whining about a Genius Conspiracy won’t do what a sane people, a people with guts, has to do.

An enemy will always be there, and that enemy will always exploit your weaknesses. And if all you think about is what meanies they are some enemy will very soon take you down.

They exploit our weakness to destroy us. We refuse to admit what our weaknesses ARE.

In fact, we insist that our Traditional Values are perfect. Like French generals in three consecutive and very similar defeats in 1870, 1914 and 1940, we refuse to look at the basic weaknesses in our strategy.

The fact is that a race that has built its traditional values on idealizing sterility for two thousand years is lucky to have survive this long. Christianity has become nothing but self-hatred and Judaism has become nothing but self-pity.

Nothing cold be more conservative than the “radical” bottom line that good people want us to die out.

We have a set of traditional values based on human sacrifice. Yet when the movie The Happening reached is climax with a professor literally yelling that the existence of humanity is a danger to the Planet, they thought they were being radicals.

There is nothing radical about the idea that the highest morality is to die out. Instead of good old-fashioned cutting out of hearts, we have dedicated ourselves to teaching every young and intelligent man or woman, who is especially able to read,  to lock themselves up in a place with others of their sex, join them and spent their lives talking to the ceiling and, above all, dying without children.

A completely unnoticed basis of the feeling that Nazis were evil was because they took genetics into account. The heresy of a group that advocated child-bearing, which dared even to advocate child bearing by the beautiful and the smart, hit us in a weak spot we don’t recognize.

It infuriated us. Today the mere mention of beautiful and intelligent children is immediately identified with an alien mind set.

Today there is a fury against the idea of intelligent white women having children. It is a form of enslavement, a pure evil. But that is not because of Hitler.

Naturally they USE Hitler. But that fury was here long before Hitler, before GERMANY, existed. That fury is altogether a conservative one that has been adopted by anti-whites, not one that they invented.

Judaism is not our worst enemy. What we have made of Christianity is our worst enemy. And it is not just the Catholic Church. White Protestant countries are even more sterile than Catholic ones are.

Jesus told the young man to sell all he had and give it to the poor and FOLLOW ME. But I never heard a sermon, Protestant or Catholic, that even noticed the last two words. They were all about how the young man failed to hurt himself, not about  the unique opportunity he had to follow Christ.

Peter was married, and Christ did not reject him. Christ had brothers and probably sisters, but this is treated as a shameful secret.

Until we SEE this worship of self-destruction in ourselves, our lines will continue to fall apart.

And just whining about Jews won’t fix it.

  1. #1 by backbaygrouch on 12/26/2010 - 6:20 am

    “What we have made of Christianity” is an important distinction. It is not the message of Christ, or the civilization handed down to us from Greece through Rome or the Aryan culture of Northern Europe.

    For nineteen hundred years fertility was not a shortcoming of the Christian religion. On my father’s side my direct line Catholic great grandfather sired 12 children who grew to adulthood. That was down from his dad’s 15. My Protestant mother’s family was not that fecund, but double digits were not unknown in that line either. Cousins by the dozens as they say.

    North America was not populated by Christians with below replacement rate families.

    The industrial Revolution, its material prosperity, and its resultant social security system, led to the obsolescence of Children. Stockbrokers will tell you that the market is driven by greed and fear. So is breeding. In farming communities a boy is an asset, a girl, a lesser one. So greed impels large families. So does the fear of a destitute old age. All those children assure a meal in your dotage. Now the government does that.

    The ascetic strain in Christianity has always been there. It is a reasonable response to certain personality types. The Christian monastic life has its analogous institutions in other religions, such as the Sufi brotherhoods of Islam and the Essene communities of ancient Jewry. Even the licentious age we live in has sterility cults for the differently developed, centered around exotic sex practices such as S and M.

    But none of these things has ever been mainstream. They have coexisted with high birthrates among the overwhelming majority forever. The real difficulty is that the Church has not responded to the challenge of economic plenty with its full doctrinal armory. It has taken a get along approach to a heresy that advocates hedonism and tribal irresponsibility.

    Declining family size and family formation characterize not just Christianity, but Judaism, Confucianism, Shintoism, etc. No religion that I know of has taken the issue by the nape of the neck. There are some minor exceptions. Mormonism is prospering as a society.

    The Haredi in Israel make rabbits blush, but at what price? They are subsidized by the state in a way that resembles our inner city welfare queens and their educational practices have put Israel at the bottom of the industrial world in the latest PISA [Program for International Student Assessment] survey. That is itself a caustic comment on the Great Genius of the Jews. An uneducated unproductive Untermensch is not a viable solution be it in Tel Aviv or Harlem.

    This Heresy of Irresponsibility has to be met within Christianity itself. The tools are there.

    How many sermons have you listened to that extol the virtue of Charity? They are too commonplace to enumerate. But what of the virtue of Prudence, that ugly sister shunted off to a corner by preacher and priest? Without Prudence’s surplus, where would Charity be?

    Prudence mandates not only personal behavior, but civic, too. Members of society owe allegiance to it by perpetuating it. What is needed is an updated, rigorously thought through, Theology of Prudence. It is a neglected Moral Science.

    But it is, and has been, a part of the Christian ethos for two thousand years. The tolerance of today’s Church, Catholic and Protestant, for sterility is heresy. This must be established. There is a great deficiency of understanding in the academic branch of Christianity. Society’s comprehension of the scope and demands of the virtue of Prudence needs expanding.

    From this font will flow public policies that reinforce family life, such as offspring friendly taxes and a commonsense approach to immigration. housing patterns and educational tracking, that is, segregation, aka, race realism. The virtue of Prudence instills fact based thinking over ideology. Among its imperatives are opportunity, not equal results; sound breeding, not wholesale mongrelization.

    The Mantra is Prudence purified. It starts from fact. It exposes the sin of genocide. It proceeds to solution. It could serve as a syllabus for a course in the Moral Theology of Prudence. Or even a Graduate Seminar. But it will probably have to start Underground, Bob.

  2. #2 by seriouswon on 12/27/2010 - 11:58 am

    Talking about the Jewish problem has it’s place. It (and other White problems) need to be talked about, particularly with the uninformed. Knowing you HAVE a problem is the first step. The obvious next step is to find solutions to the problems.

  3. #3 by woundednietzsche on 01/04/2011 - 9:43 pm

    This is funny, Gordon Duff at Veterans Today thinks the wave of “racist” videos is being done by global intelligence, israel, or spooks. They are not going to know what hit them once the white genocide/mantra meme turns into a firestorm.

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