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David Duke is a Great Man

The reason I bring this up is because there is one thing about Dr. Duke that would only occur to a grizzled old professional like me.

My whole life I have dealt with a steady procession of sellouts. Senator Hollings won the governorship by promising there would be no integration while he was governor. Once he won his Senate seat, he quickly began to position himself for the Vice Presidential spot on the Democratic ticket.

In South Carolina, a Senate seat is very secure. So Hollings became what the media called, “a surprisingly liberal senator for South Carolina.” By the 1970s he was attacking Bob Jones University for not allowing interracial dating.

But, like so many Southern sellouts, he found that what he had to sell was not that important to those he was selling out to. He went on for years, but he was never even MENTIONED for the vice presidency or any other Scalawag Award.

This pissed Fritz off as he grew older and older and, by 2004, he found he could not be reelected because even a South Carolina seat is not so secure that a Junior Teddy Kennedy can stay in it.

In 2004, Fritz stepped down. He was PISSED. He ended his career by an exposition of the power of the Israeli Lobby which made him a Junior Hitler in the eyes of the liberals he had been toadying to for decades.

A lot of people talked about why he did it, but you will only see the reason here.

It’s a simple matter of supply and demand. There are so many politicians who go the sellout route that their price is low.

Beasley did exactly the same thing on the Republican side. He needed he pro-Confederate flag vote to get reelected governor. That need ended on election day in early November of 1998. He then wanted the vice presidential nomination on the 2000 Republican ticket.

Beasley faced a time crunch. It was only a year and a half to the Republican Convention and he had won reelection by a slim margin and only because of appearing to be a pro-Confederate last-ditcher. To try for a national nomination, he had to sell to and sell out FAST.

So Beasley went the sellout route by the quickest means possible, good old blasphemy. He declared that the Lord had told him to switch sides. He said the Lord told him to switch sides on the flag at the best possible moment, one month after his reelection.

He was totally destroyed in South Carolina politics. He took a job anti-whites made for him at Harvard.

I kind of GUESS that was a negotiated worse case scenario part of the deal.

David Duke is the one person anti-whites would pay a fortune for a sellout. His name is a household word.

This is not a left-handed compliment, this is the admiration one pro has for another. It is a reason us old pros can recognize and others do not even look at.

Like most things I say here, this is so obvious that no one even LOOKS at it, least of all David Duke. It seems insulting to even mention sell out, but in this case it is not. Dave knows damned well that I not would even consider him capable of such a thing.

When they spent tens of millions to get David into PRISON I am sure that one thing they hoped for was that he would switch sides. He was sent to a hard-core prison where he had the lightest sentence of any other of the thousand inmates. It is a scary place.

I do not have any inside information on the negotiations the prosecution routinely has with the defense, but I know very well that his refusal to sell out cost him dearly.

There are many reasons to call David Duke a great man. But this is one that only a person who has spent his life in the jungle war of racial politics would look at.

Yes, it is bordering on insult to even mention Dr. Duke and sellout in the same sentence. But who else is going to make this simple statement? It is presumptuous of me.

But David knows I do it as pure praise. He knows me well. He told me I was his little white dog’s second favorite person, and dogs know people.