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A Mantra Lesson On History

Posted by Bob on December 28th, 2010 under Coaching Session

Margaret Frazer’s brand new book talks about how the lowly nurses in the fourteenth century were fully aware of the germ theory of disease. And she makes it clear that the Galen-educated doctors all declared such musings to be ignorance.

I see how things filter, and Frazer coming up with this now is no accident at all. Over the years, here and in my last book, I ALONE have quoted John Surac, Louis XIV’s chief physician, in his lengthy denunciation of this theory, and his long list of German physicians who had proposed it for the new syphilis, let alone the fourteenth century ones.

I found that in a medical book written in 1928, and I have seen it NOWHERE else.

There is another historical fiction writer who is fun to read but his description of a physician the Middle Ages is routine. Everybody is a complete ignoramus but him, and he is Wise because he was taught by an Arab in Paris.

But at the same time this same historian makes fun of the fellow physicians who blindly quote from Galen and Aristotle. None of this is a puzzle to a person whose living depended on knowing exactly what people are saying. On the one hand this writer is desperately hanging to the doctrine that ALL good things were brought to us flea-scratching barbarians from the Middle East but Middle Eastern books were all they had before the Renaissance and they were destructive bullshit.

With so much historical fiction out, people are beginning to cotton on to the fact that all those new Classical Books that were supposed to have shown the way in the Renaissance were also just more bullshit. They greatly delayed the advance of medicine that real doctors and herbalists had been making in he Middle Ages.

For one thing, the Renaissance experts tried to ban the bathing of wounds with wine, specifically to PREVENT INFECTION, because the new, cheaper books had brought Classical Wisdom us whole new level of doctors.

I need to get some of these points to you before I die, because as the Mantra grows, the blessed day will come when SOME minds that cannot even understand how anybody took Mommy Professor seriously in the first place will ask for more guidance, instead of being broken records.

It was through medical history that I was prepared for basket case Academic Authority before I walked into the college doors at age sixteen.

You can use some of this in the meantime, but only VERY CAREFULLY. The other side is DESPERATE to get you off the Mantra, and diverting talk to history will do as well as sticking a pen in your eye.

But for you, the Mantra is the thing you must slam them with, but it is not all you can get by looking at the world in a Mantra fashion. The Mantra points out that, underneath all the pretenses of Love and Intellectualism, It is painfully obvious that the goal is genocide.

Since you are living with this realization and we have here a seminar, you can get a much broader view from this. In practicing getting people out of an obsession, you see clearly how much of the world is based on illusions that are obvious to a sane person. That’s a needed lesson in psychology you definitely won’t get in any other course.

What we have here is a dimension in history you will not get in any other course. We all know that an Old Soldier is going to explain history in terms of battles and military preparation. We all know an architect is going to see the character of each civilization in its building, an artist, in its art.

But you will never find a college, least of all the few conservative ones, where they will tell you that the view of history has always been warped by the historian who sees himself as an intellectual.

Logic should tell you that Universities naturally get obsessed with Galen and Classical Writings and fight the real doctors and real nurses around them who are making real cures.

That little observation, which every sane person would make about anyone else in any other profession, could have saved a million lives.

  1. #1 by Dave on 12/28/2010 - 11:04 am

    Mommy Professor says, “Why focus on real issues when you can push people around?”

    And isn’t that ALWAYS Mommy Professor’s focus, finding reasons to push people around?

    Seeing the world accurately and freedom are highly related. The problem is that when you see the world accurately, there is nothing there that supports YOU being the BIG BOSS.

    Nobody gets to be the BIG BOSS in a world where people are focused on what is accurate and real.

  2. #2 by Simmons on 12/28/2010 - 11:59 am

    Well said Dave, the biggest bully prof I ever ran into was a Wisconsin Madison trained Mommy who on the lib scale of PC perfection was an A- at least. I feel sorry for the kids who followed me, I had the advantage of age. Anyway she cured me of the education bug.

    But bullying comes in various forms in this country, so let me continue on with this rant. In the same class as Mommy Madison was a Swedish aupair and several good looking Chinese young ladies. Well Mommy Bully brings into discussion for an English paper family structure and I dared write a critique of of the modern mores, Ms. Blondie even though never addressed in anyway proceeds to breakdown and cry, and in America a white woman crying is the ultimate form of bullying. I knew the Blonde was an idiot, Mommy knew Blonde was an idiot, but the rest of the class navel gazed and the Chinese girls thought I was not bad for a foreigner though they did not mock stupid Blonde girl. Guess who was the bad guy?

    Oh that Mommy is evil.

  3. #3 by seriouswon on 12/31/2010 - 2:00 am

    Someone reminded me today that “professors” are just perpetual students. They have no practical experience-this goes without saying. Interesting that they are called Profess-ors since one of the meanings of the word profess is to receive or admit into a religious order. Political correctness IS a religion.

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