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The Windmill of Tomorrow

It is HILARIOUS that our established religion’s idea of futuristic power sources is WINDMILLS! But no one is allowed to laugh in church.

The only major advance in social science in half a century has been the study of animal behavior. Instead of seeing herd animals as mindless brutes who clump together ONLY for fear of predators, we have discovered that they have class systems and dictatorships more rigid and cruel than the greatest tyrannies Rousseau and Marx faced.

Today’s social science chugs along on the assumption that all inequality is the result of economic disadvantage. All inequality is UNNATURAL, not like the innocent beasts of the field. That crap is as out of date as the 4500 year old earth.

Boone Pickens made himself a saint of our established religion when he tried to make WINDMILLS the Way of the Future. He lost two billion.

If you watch old movies, you know how to identify Men from the Year 2000. They wore a uniform , tight, solid color, with little gold epaulets on the shoulders.

All of them. Men and women, children and adults. It saved the B movie makers a MINT. I am sure that the same 2000 AD uniforms used in Things to Come in 1937 were used on TV’s Buck Rogers two decades later.

But no one took it seriously that we today would be WEARING a solid color uniform. If that uniform were adopted today as The Inevitable Future, every Mommy Professor would line up to get studies financed that proved that that is the direction fashion is going, and every documentary on clothes would end with a Sermon on how, with all the apparent contradictions, clothing has been moving in that direction since Egypt.

Our ancestors would have laughed out loud if they saw The Sermon on our documentaries today. The Technology of the Future, they say, a blaring of trumpets and then — WINDMILLS!

Oh, yes, Futuristic Windmills with the funny pointed shapes, but always the same ones, every bit as predictable today as the uniform of the Man From the Year 2000 was in the B movies.

It must save the documentary makers a mint.