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The Jews Did Not Invent Our Dedication to Self-Destruction

People who blame everything on Jews miss a fundamental point of strategy.

When an enemy breaks through your lines into your own territory, of course you raise hell about it and call for your people to see them as enemies and insist the territory is yours. But that is not all you do.

A general who does nothing but bitch about an attack is a fool. When his line is breached, he takes a look at WHY his line broke.

No one has any use for a general who simply cries and blames the enemy for his defeat.

He looks at his line and finds why his defense didn’t WORK.

We are not innocent bystanders. We are a people which has allowed itself to be threatened with extinction. Whining about a Genius Conspiracy won’t do what a sane people, a people with guts, has to do.

An enemy will always be there, and that enemy will always exploit your weaknesses. And if all you think about is what meanies they are some enemy will very soon take you down.

They exploit our weakness to destroy us. We refuse to admit what our weaknesses ARE.

In fact, we insist that our Traditional Values are perfect. Like French generals in three consecutive and very similar defeats in 1870, 1914 and 1940, we refuse to look at the basic weaknesses in our strategy.

The fact is that a race that has built its traditional values on idealizing sterility for two thousand years is lucky to have survive this long. Christianity has become nothing but self-hatred and Judaism has become nothing but self-pity.

Nothing cold be more conservative than the “radical” bottom line that good people want us to die out.

We have a set of traditional values based on human sacrifice. Yet when the movie The Happening reached is climax with a professor literally yelling that the existence of humanity is a danger to the Planet, they thought they were being radicals.

There is nothing radical about the idea that the highest morality is to die out. Instead of good old-fashioned cutting out of hearts, we have dedicated ourselves to teaching every young and intelligent man or woman, who is especially able to read,  to lock themselves up in a place with others of their sex, join them and spent their lives talking to the ceiling and, above all, dying without children.

A completely unnoticed basis of the feeling that Nazis were evil was because they took genetics into account. The heresy of a group that advocated child-bearing, which dared even to advocate child bearing by the beautiful and the smart, hit us in a weak spot we don’t recognize.

It infuriated us. Today the mere mention of beautiful and intelligent children is immediately identified with an alien mind set.

Today there is a fury against the idea of intelligent white women having children. It is a form of enslavement, a pure evil. But that is not because of Hitler.

Naturally they USE Hitler. But that fury was here long before Hitler, before GERMANY, existed. That fury is altogether a conservative one that has been adopted by anti-whites, not one that they invented.

Judaism is not our worst enemy. What we have made of Christianity is our worst enemy. And it is not just the Catholic Church. White Protestant countries are even more sterile than Catholic ones are.

Jesus told the young man to sell all he had and give it to the poor and FOLLOW ME. But I never heard a sermon, Protestant or Catholic, that even noticed the last two words. They were all about how the young man failed to hurt himself, not about  the unique opportunity he had to follow Christ.

Peter was married, and Christ did not reject him. Christ had brothers and probably sisters, but this is treated as a shameful secret.

Until we SEE this worship of self-destruction in ourselves, our lines will continue to fall apart.

And just whining about Jews won’t fix it.



Christmas is Banned by Both types of Puritans

Let me put out what I understand about Christmas and Sunday, so anyone who wishes can straighten me out.

It is the theologians who actually say “Humbug!” about December 25. The Puritans outlawed it. Experts say Humbug because Christmas is not Christ’s Birthday. Christmas is the day we CELEBRATE the birth of Christ.

Yes, in that sense it is a “pagan” holiday. Not only do we not know the DAY of Christ’s birth, all indications are that we don’t know the YEAR of his birth. So we use the birthday of the Birth of Mithras, the day that Constantine celebrated each year.

It happens that Mithraism HAD a Birthday for Mithras, so Constantine adopted it as the date on which we would CELEBRATE the Birth of Christ. It also falls in nicely with the Winter Solstice, when the sun began to come back to us and another promise was made that each year light would be victorious.

This is no more pagan than believing that the rainbow was created after the Flood of Noah.

We also celebrate the Sabbath as SUN Day. This may relate to the words on Mithraian altars, Sol Invictus, which is translated in a number of ways. Those of us who took freshman Latin in high school assume that Sol refers to the sun, but not as “sun worship.”

Sol Invictus could mean “The Light is Victorious.”

The Jewish Sabbath is based on a premise that even most Creationists would find hard to swallow. It is the exact date, some four and a half millennia ago, when God rested from his six days’ labor creating the world. Unless you think this date is really that specific, the Jewish Sabbath is the day Jews CELEBRATE the creation of the world.

The political question is, why did Constantine impose his own SUNday and his date for the Birth of the Savior? My expertise is political, not theological. There was lot going on in Constantine’s adoption of Christianity than just his seeing a sign in the sky.

When the winning side writes a history you must deal with the politics of it. There seems to have been a major effort to adopt a Christianity which followed St. Paul’s dictum that rather than lose souls, one should be “all things to all men.”

St. Paul said that in dealing with the fact that different Christians had already adopted different forms of worship, like High and Low Church in the Anglican Communion. Paul stated flatly that a good Christian would freely adopt the OTHER Christian’s variation. That statement is in wild contradiction to two thousand years of fighting to the death over which way a person crossed himself.

Yes, Christian Christmas was developed and ADOPTED.

December 25 was adopted in order to include Mithraian. The other traditions of that day, like a Christmas Tree, was adopted so that those who had celebrated the Winter Solstice would not lose their annual day of celebration.

In other words, Christmas represents the Paulist Tradition to INCLUDE people. Puritans outlawed it for that very reason, that it was an INCUSIVE measure.

Our new established religion bans such Nazi words as “Merry Christmas” exactly the way the Puritans did. But our new established religion says Christmas is AGAINST inclusion.

Two bans, two types of Puritans.

Screw them all.

Merry Christmas!



Has Mommy Professor Ever Been Anywhere?

“The exception proves the rule.”

When you recite the Mantra, many anti-whites will try to find examples of non-white countries where there is a lot of immigration. They seldom even TRY to find one that anybody would objectto if it restricted immigration.

But you have to discipline yourself NOT to answer each example. You want to stick to the point that he is having an awful time finding an exception. If you work desperately to find an exception, all you are doing is proving the rules EXISTS.

Likewise, BUGS commentators have shown a gratifying awareness of the fact that, when someone answer the Mantra by attacking the white race, it is NOT your duty to defend the white race.

Exactly like the guy who is desperately seeking an exception to the Mantra, the person attacking your race is simply the fact that there IS genocide going on. He is justifying it.

Another rule that exceptions justify is when I point out that Mommy Professor, who is the Epitome of Wisdom to the upper middle class, has never BEEN anywhere and he has never DONE anything.

One response to this is that a Mommy Professor has been at Harvard, Oxford, and the University of Tokyo. This is like saying this Trappist Monk who has never been anywhere or done anything. BUT a Trappist is sophisticated because he lived at monasteries in France, South Carolina, and China.

If anyone THINKS about it, he is aware that Oxford, Harvard, and any University are not different experiences. If you are in the center of any University and then go ten miles as the crow flies in any direction, you experience a place that is more different from any University than any two Universities are from each other.

In the same way, there were seldom any culture shocks for a Trappist Monk under the old rule of silence and self-torture that was the day-to-day life of every Trappist. Like any other religious institution, everybody has to think alike.

In a seminary you will often have one Jew teaching Old Testament, and no University is complete with a token respectable conservative to show off.

What is amusing about this is the Mommy Professor Syndrome is the whole basis of our huge anti-white population. The Mommy Professor Syndrome in turn is based entirely on a hick deciding that what his hick parents told him is all wrong because the first Really Sophisticated people he ever met, the Mommy Professors, are all anti-white, including the token respectable conservative.

A Trappist monk may have had a hell of a life before he became a novice. But that does not count INSIDE the monastery. A few professors may have been somewhere else, but that does not matter inside the Politically Correct religious institution he serves in.

A professor is somebody who made good as a student, and nothing else. He is a Mommy Professor ONLY because he has jumped through the same hoops that the kid who worships him as a Person With Real Knowledge of the World is jumping through.



USEFUL Experience

Commenters have made it clear that they get bored when I talk about ME. On the other hand, commenters tell me that it is fascinating to them when I tell them about ME.

The first type of ME is about things like what I like for supper as opposed to what you like for supper or my personal peeves.

The second type of ME is what us kids always loved to hear from the old folks during Porch Talk. It is the sort of thing I could not have experienced, it put me in the world they grew up in or other things which we identify with but cannot have been in yet.

The first ME is reciting the same kind of stuff everybody, especially old folks, like to tell. It’s a lot like living their lives WITH them. It is a set of observations that you might make if you had had the time and different things happen to you that he did.

It is all very well to have a grandfather who won a Medal in combat or scored four touchdowns in a single game, but that can get tiresome very quickly. Porch talk kind of rolls along, with grandpa responding to talk with experiences of his own.

The fundamental point here is that Porch Talk usually is not meant to impress you. The Porch Talk person has been there and tells you how it LOOKS from wherever THERE is.

In fact, there a somewhat inverse proportion between how good it makes you look and the View From There. Good Porch Talk is largely the opposite of the paid consultants on TV. We are used to only hearing about Intelligence Work from Network Contributors who are Colonel so and so, retired, with 42 years in the Defense Intelligence Agency.

What he has to say as an Expert who has spent his life in one area is like the “talking heads” on television, one-minute confirmation of what the regular newsman just said. But it would make miserable Porch Talk IN THE LONG RUN.

We all know how tiresome an old man can get if every night he starts the talk with “I spent forty-two years in this” or “I was in World War II.”

When you think about this simple fact, you realize that what makes Porch Talk is not marveling at what the Old Man DID, but the observations he makes about it. What he is talking about is something You can live through, because you don’t need the SAME experience to see what he saw and live what he lived.

It has been said many times and in many ways that a life lived without reflection is a life unlived. Out on the porch, what you like to hear is the reflections, not the repeat of someone’s high point in life. Sitting there listening, you know that there will be many, many times in your long life after childhood when the reflection the Old Man is making will come back to you, because you are living the same thing in another experience.

It is very useful that I have showed up in an amazing array of places, IF I make those experiences into something that means something to YOU.

Being There is only Step One. Thousands of hours of reflecting on it and getting it into a context you can use is more important.

The above two sentences sound obvious. But precious few people who think it is obvious DO it.

Grandpa learned to do it because if he kept talking about his WWII or his four touchdowns, the kids would wander away.

Almost nobody does it now that Porch Talk is over.



The REAL Computer Revolution


In the fourteenth century a really wealthy College at Oxford might have twenty books, each of them chained to the wall, and a full-time Librarian to watch over them. If you wanted a book, you had to get permission to copy it by hand.

In that age, someone who had READ books was in a class by himself. A surgeon who had learned his trade on a battle field was a common laborer. He was scum compared to a University Doctor who could quote Galen from having read that Roman book HIMSELF.

In other words, back when the few books were chained to the wall, you wowed ‘em with your KNOWLEDGE.

I spent my first year in college in pre-Med. One day an old WWI vet called up my mother and said, “My boy hurt his leg. Is Bobby fur along enough in his books that he could help out?”

He had no idea that pre-med has nothing to do with medicine. His question was an echo of our history: a book is a book, and Bobby was reading books.

Medicine was dead in its tracks so long as those who could READ the ancient texts were so far above people who actually CURED things.

In fact, this ancient prejudice was very much alive in my youth. This is the age when Mommy Professor took over. Information was still very much restricted to people who had time to search it out, people who did it for a living.

The invention of movable type was a biggy. It made the literate middle class feel itself able to face the guys who had the chained books. But that revolution was not complete until the Google Age.

You can’t wow anybody with your knowledge now. And every year it becomes harder to do so. Revolutions like this take a LONG time to filter down to the point where everybody realizes it.

You are the first people to even HEAR the essence of this revolution in a historical context. But BUGS is also the first place where we have realized that what has generated the dominance of anti-whites is not a Genius Conspiracy, but the simple and natural prejudices of a group that has become a major power and a concentration of wealth known as college professors.

You did not experience first-hand the sheer power of a PhD in the 1960s. The people who were “fur along enough in their books” were still there.

The basis of Mommy Professor’s hold is collapsing with every increase in the speed of computers.