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Don’t Lie and Don’t Be Cruel

“I lay it down as a fact that if everyone knew what others say of them there would not be four friends in the world.”

That is a quote from a bot that advertised as Texas Hold ‘Em years ago.

It was so good, or I am so dumb, that I actually answered some of that bot’s quotes.

In my defense, let me point out that I was active in the Opposing Views (anti-white) section of Stormfront at the time. It is almost impossible to find anything in OV that a bot wouldn’t produce.

I honestly didn’t know about Texas Hold ‘Em, and, more important, its comments were at least interesting.

In fact, I started this article with a Texas Hold ‘Em quote. Can you imagine any anti-white quote that would be worth writing an article about?

The above quote reminded me of the present WikiLeak scandal.

On Capitol Hill, a standard piece of wisdom was, “Don’t write anything that you would hate to see on the front page of the Washington Post.” Since I was in the group the Post hated most, that was especially true for us.

A lot of the WikiLeak stuff is embarrassing. They gave each other real opinions of Turkish diplomats and so forth. That is the kind of thing that has, for practical purposes, discredited the Global Warming crowd.

The “Top Scientists” were so confident no one in the press would dare bother them that they actually wrote down how they were faking and suppressing research results. Even this, the Holy Grail of Politically Correct causes, got exposed.

The old man ain’t much use to you if he doesn’t tell you up front what he did wrong. Good porch talk comes from a guy who can not only tell you how not to step into a bear trap, but can also show you some old bear trap scars on his own ankles.

The reason those communications about Turkish diplomats were embarrassing was because diplomats try to give the impression that they think a lot of each other. The reason those emails between Global Warning “scientists” were so destructive was because they were pushing the idea that “all experts in the field agreed with global warming.”

In other words a big way to avoid notes getting you into trouble is not to LIE.

The other extreme of this is when you insult somebody BECAUSE you want to hurt them. Another quote:

“Every cruel person prides himself on his honesty.”

Every person reading this knows of a cruel person who always says, “I’m just telling it like it is.”

It is a part of growing up to find the difference between lying to people and not caring whether what you say hurts them for no reason.

Don’t lie and don’t be cruel.

One thing an old person has to offer you is that you have committed very few sins or done few bad deeds that he hasn’t committed or done himself. If he says you are being immature you have the consolation of knowing that he was young once himself.

If you level with people on something, be sure they are ready to be leveled with and that you are doing it for a REASON, not to get it off your chest.

If you’re a professional diplomat, you can make it clear to a Turkish embassy official that you really think he is doing something wrong. If you can’t tell HIM that, don’t say it to someone else behind his back.

If you are a Global Warming fanatic, don’t pretend to be an objective observer with whom no one disagrees.

What WikiLeaks really demonstrates in a lot of cases is that a lot of people simply haven’t grown up.