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Concepts and the Flu

Adelheim tells me that in Norway there was a series on national TV that discussed environment vs heredity and came down on the side of heredity. The host of the program actually pointed out that races can be different because every Olympic dash team is black, from Sweden or from Africa. I have been hammering at this for years. It is something everybody sees all the time on TV, but no one ever MENTIONS it. They also used the point about identical twins.

What Adelheim doesn’t realize is that there is a huge probability that HE got it on his country’s TV.

This is critical: You no more know whether you instilled an idea than that you caused a flu. The bug that is making the announcer in Atlanta hoarse on cable TV may well have come from someone just off the plane from San Francisco. God only knows where the person who gave it to them came from.

It is just that the general public finds a flu less painful than a thought.

Adelheim pointed out in general comments on ANOTHER incident. A professor wrote a book saying that the aim of real anti-racism is to wipe out the white race or make it a minority anywhere it exists.

Tell me THAT didn’t come from a couple of decades of hard pushing! I know that first-hand, gang! I remember the years of cowlike reactions when I stated the Mantra at conventions and in Stormfront.

I’ve done this before, a LOT. I made my LIVING at this kind of thing.

So, Adelheim, PLEASE don’t piss me off with “modesty.” When you deny that little old you couldn’t have done this Great Thing, you are also telling Bob Whitaker that his life’s work is in vain.

The one thing we really have over the other side is that we don’t NEED credit. We do this on faith and because it obeys the Golden Rule. Childishly impractical, isn’t it? But somebody important had a very good opinion of the little children.

My circuit rider grandfather used to tell a tale about a little preacher like himself who was in Heaven when all the preachers got together. The Great Evangels shouted about the giant revivals they had presided over and how many crying people they Brought to the Lord.

One of the Great Evangels who had been glorying in his own praise happened to see this small-time preacher he had known in life. He said, “I remember you, Brother. How many souls did you save?”

The little preacher replied, “One.”

The little preacher was well aware that most of the people who came weeping up at a Revival had relapsed and been Saved many times. He GUESSED and he HOPED that in some cases he had been ONE of the factors that saved one or more souls.

In short, he had FAITH. But he KNEW of only ONE soul he had saved.

Considering what Jesus said about the fate of the Proud Priest, that Great Evangel made it in by the skin of his teeth.

There is almost never a connection between the person who comes up with an insight and the one who uses it. But I made my living because mine were good enough for my boss to buy them. So this is an easier faith for me to have than for you.

But being “modest” can KILL us. Again and again the lead time is just about right for me, a person who has done this professionally for decades. The slightly morphed Mantra in Norway is no accident.

And I do NOT appreciate BUGS “modesty” about it.