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Lysenko Lesson III: Silence

Lysenko Lesson I explained how the suppression of free speech in the USSR led Stalin to force millions of already near starving peasants to plant summer wheat in the winter. Where there is no free speech, the word “experiment” is banned.

So Lysenko’s declaration that summer wheat would LEARN to be winter wheat if planted for the winter was not a theory to be subjected to small-scale experiments before it was unleashed to starve millions of peasants.

Lysenko’s statements were Marxist Orthodoxy. To experiment with it would have been a crime.

Lysenko Lesson II is how Stalin came to turn all of Soviet agriculture over to a basket case. It relates to the Six Million Laws in Europe. Soviet agriculture was declared subject to Marxist thinking, so it was not tested. So summer wheat seed was destroyed by planting it at the wrong time because, according to Marxism, it would LEARN to be winter wheat.

At this moment, Europe is declaring that there are no Danish people and no German people. All are evil because of the six million Jews, and not one less, that were killed by the Nazis. Orthodoxy Laws, which starved million of peasants, now declare that the highest goal of European culture is its own destruction.

So we all know what anyone means when they say “The Six Million.” They know the Six Million because it is shouted from every rooftop that any champion of any white nation is a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

Hitler is Mommy Professor’s meal ticket.

Lysenko caused the death of millions and his name is almost completely unknown, and less so every year.

He embarrasses Mommy Professor. There is no law on earth against anyone’s underestimating the deaths Lysenko caused.

There is no law anywhere on earth against underestimating the number of Ukrainians Stalin killed.

In fact, few people today know who Lysenko WAS.

But the lesson is that Lysenko is not DISCUSSED. Lysenko Lesson III is SILENCE.

When we were able to look into the KGB files and found that the people Joseph McCarthy called Communists really WERE Communists, no one rushed to defend those who had attacked McCarthy.

The term “McCarthyism” simply stopped being used.

When Solzhenitsyn wrote about the Soviet Gulags and the millions who died there, European Intellectuals, who had laughed at the idea of Soviet atrocities, suddenly recognized them. It is now forgotten that Intellectuals ever denied Stalin’s atrocities.

When Lysenko died, the only information on him National Review knew about was in my first book. Their Lysenko obituary was almost entirely from my book, including one error.

During all the years of the Cold War, National Review had long, intellectual discussions of the moral shortcomings of Communism. I kept trying to get them to discuss the simple fact that every Communist country had to keep its people from escaping by threat of death.

Mommy Professor did not discuss the Berlin Wall and all the other walls that encircled every Communist country.

So National Review did not discuss the Berlin Wall and all the other walls that encircled every Communist country

Mommy Professor does not discuss the simple evil of his beliefs. Respectable conservatives are selected for respectability because they are the people who forget everything Mommy Professor needs forgotten.

Respectable conservatives are the ones who ignore that all this multiracialism and multiculturalism is aimed ONLY at white countries and at ALL white countries. Like any other organized crime, they observe the Code of Silence.