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Our Third Rail

Lord Nelson made a temporary error which I have described repeatedly. The fact that it was an error is the least important thing about it.

You will not believe this, but even Bob, The Old Man on the Mountain Himself, as made many, many worse errors than this.

In fact, some of the things I have done were bad enough to make the mere term “mistake” inappropriate. I have often done things that can only be described in terms and language that do not appear in BUGS.

After all, there are ladies present. Sometimes you have to sacrifice accuracy for decency.

But every time I seek to correct someone’s approach, I think of the ideal way in which Lord Nelson handled this one. He was doing an excellent job in Stormfront’ Opposing Views section, and he was naturally doing what went over most easily.

Lord Nelson was translating the Mantra as only saying that white countries were being overwhelmed by non-whites. That is not the only thing the Mantra attacks. The major lesson in personal terms is that Lord Nelson simply accepted the criticism and changed that policy.

LN’s interest is not in being always right, but in the cause, and the cause only, ego be damned. His reaction is one major lesson of this incident.

But there is another lesson here. Lord Nelson did not realize that the reason he was finding this much easier going was because he was sticking to immigration, since even a Teapot Twit can criticize THAT, and he was not hitting the REAL Hot Button.

The real hot button, what we used to call the third rail, the middle one on the subway which carried the electricity that could kill you, goes under the name of “assimilation.”

A brave man has come out in Norway and written an attack on anti-racism in OUR terms. This is a big breakthrough, not least because he is braving a prison sentence in doing so, but, if you read the quotes very carefully, which is what I made a major part of my living doing, You will see a version of Lord Nelson one failing.

Our brave Norseman makes it plain that “anti-racism” is, as we have been saying for years, an anti-white campaign. I think that, given where he is, it is wise to avoid criticizing interracial marriage per se.


Language is a product of USE. A person who marries a non-white produces only non-white children. Anti-whites have completely given up the attempt to make blacks out to be as smart as whites, and have fallen back completely on suppression of any discussion of this issue.

Our Norwegian hero even dared to bring up the point we have been making, NOT COINCIDENTALLY, for many years: No one can look at an Olympic-level hundred yard dash and not notice that every runner from Sweden or the Netherlands or Nigeria, is the same color.

If race is only skin-deep, the skin must have a hell of an effect on the legs.

I do not think we can overestimate the importance of what this Nordic intellectual is doing. This is real, bare-knuckled intellectualism, not Mommy Professors ordained crowd of moo-cows in our established religion.

Everyone knows what a black world would look like. If you don’t there are planes leaving for Africa every day. But the third rail is mentioning what a MIXED world would be like.

Once again, there are planes leaving for brown countries every day. There are taxis and subways headed for colored areas every day.

The Economic Line is the Color Line. Mexicans break into America, not for multiculturalism, but for what has been built by that which is called uniculturalism and is actually monoracialism.

No one is allowed to dispute the statement that the children of a marriage do not matter. The doctrine says that all that matters is that, at one given moment, the black and the blond are “in love” with one another. What happens to the children is absolutely forbidden for conversation.

And for now some of us may have to settle for that or go to prison.

But the bottom line is that the ultimate goal of anti-whites is not a colored majority, it is to transform every white country into a COLORED country.

THAT is Prize their eyes are on, and that is Prize we seek to deny them at any cost.