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You Can’t Understand Russia Without Knowing Wordism

I ended “Our Third Rail” January 7th with this statement:

“No one is allowed to dispute the statement that the children of a marriage do not matter. The doctrine says that all that matters is that, at one given moment, the black and the blond are “in love” with one another. What happens to the children is absolutely forbidden for conversation.

“And for now some of us may have to settle for that or go to prison.

“But the bottom line is that the ultimate goal of anti-whites is not a colored majority, it to transform every white country into a COLORED country.

“THAT is Prize their eyes are on, and that is the Prize we seek to deny them at any cost.”

You and I are now very familiar with the concept of Wordism. But I cannot produce intellectual heirs if they do not realize that it is merely KNOWING things, but THINKING about them, EXPANDING on the basic principle the way Newton expanded on gravity and Adam Smith expanded on supply and demand, and Einstein developed the Special Theory of Relativity on the Theory of Relatively which had already been applied to sound.

We are pro-white, and we see whites become anti-white by distorting Christianity or becoming totally fixated on Jews or by becoming open-border Libertarians.

If I have any real intellectual heirs, they won’t just stop with noting it a problem PRO-whites have.

And, like almost everything I say about this THINKING process, once you open your eyes you can see it actually happening.

You cannot look clearly at Russian politics without seeing anti-whites being “corrupted” by Marxist ideology. American foreign policy cannot see it clearly, because Russians who oppose American control are a coalition of people our established religion cannot understand.

The KGB and Putin, once the ideals of anti-white militarism, are becoming chauvinistic and are side by side with the giant skinhead pro-white population. Russian nationalists, once the group our established religion considered their prime enemies in the anti-white struggle they waged for sixty years with their Moscow Comrades, now find the Soviet Power advocates lining up beside them.

Lenin once said, “It makes no difference whether the world has two billion people or half a billion people, so long as those half a billion are COMMUNISTS.”

Soviet Power advocates know Communism doesn’t work, and their enemy is the American-European takeover advocates. Their enemy, though they don’t know it yet, is the Multicult.

I have done a lot of talking with top figures in the Duma who are in the opposition. I am not important enough to talk to Putin’s ruling group. But no one there on either side finds saving the white race anything but reasonable.

There are few things that can make you see the absurdity of “all races are the same under the skin” like having fallen from Superpower status at the very moment when the coming power in the world is China on your border.

Russia used to be the anti-white’s favorite country. But only we can understand what is happening over there. Their Stalinist Wordists and their Russian Nationalists and their anti-Semites and their peasants and their people who see hundreds of millions of non-whites ready to flood in make a combination any old fashioned American politician would understand.

But the Multicult can’t even MENTION it.