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A Nation of Immigrants or of Fellow Whites?

Posted by Bob on January 9th, 2011 under Coaching Session

You know that things have reached a desperate pass when you see a Pilgrim-descended, hard core Yankee like backbaybaygrouch (BBG) and a Jamestown-descended Rebel fanatic from the Bible Belt like me in the same foxhole covering each others’ backs.

In Europe they consider this North-South thing a bit of a joke, compared to the national hatreds of France, Germany, and Poland, for example. But for those of us who live in our OWN national history, this is a big thing.

While we ask Europe to bury its national hatreds and work for our race’s survival, we are DOING it.

I used to tell Scots that they could call me a “Yank” if I could call them Englishmen. But they really don’t GET the comparison. It never occurs to them that calling a Southerners a Yank is just plain provincialism.

Another lesson BBG can demonstrate is how MANY ancestors a long-term American has. A European would be confused when a descendant of the Pilgrim’s is also a hard-core Catholic. This did not surprise me at all.

There is the impression, carefully cultured in the press, that all Americans are recent immigrants. But the Pilgrim was among a THOUSAND of BBG’s ancestors when you go back to 1620, and my Jamestown forebear was one of a thousand Americans who became my ancestors.

The Puritans lost all trace of their hard religious roots, so I assume that BBG’s later determined Catholic fathers and mothers formed so that he did not drift off into the rootless generality that caused the Pilgrim descendants to die off.

But the point is not BBG or me. The point is REAL American history. Whites didn’t really turn on each other until we had taken the entire country all the way to the Pacific in a joint effort. None of those people considered themselves immigrants.

They were conquerors.

And they were PROUD of it!

Even after the shock and hatred of the Civil War, no one took this “nation of immigrants” bullshit seriously. History books simply erased Jamestown from the books and declared that our America was first settled at Plymouth Rock in 1620.

Only since World War II has this “nation of immigrants” nonsense been enforced. Whenever we are shown pictures of the real America, we see photographs of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

What is particularly bad about this is the pure rude INGRATITUDE of it. O’Reilly brags that HIS ancestors never took part in taking land from the Indians or slaveholding.

The reason Bill’s ancestors were so pure is because the earlier white Americans had taken and made safe an area of three million square miles, and all O’Reilly’s ancestors had to do was take a boat over here.

Yes, the poor babies DID run into anti-Irish sentiment here. But they did NOT run into hostile Indians.

I read New York Jews talking about the awful third-class places on the ships THEIR ancestors had to take. What they NEVER mention is the Mayflower, which ran out of FOOD and had to land and which, like the ships Jamestowners came over on, took cat-sized rats on board and drinking water that was thick with slime , and rationed, as a matter of course.

I don’t know about BBG, but I find it personally insulting when an O’Reilly joins in the condemnation of my ancestors.

  1. #1 by shari on 01/09/2011 - 10:38 am

    O’Reilly is insulting, but he’s insulting to his OWN ancestors as well. He makes a handsome amount of money being a religious spokesman. He doesn’t actually give a damn,what his ancestors did,or didn’t do, or where they came from. This isn’t being judgemental because he SAYS so himself.

  2. #2 by Dave on 01/09/2011 - 12:17 pm

    You have to see that although these resentments are “front and center” kind of resentments, they dance around the underlying basic structure of things. They allude to the structure, but don’t address it directly.

    It doesn’t matter what O’Reilly says because O’Reilly is a trafficker who completely lacks the stuffing to be a player. And because of that anything that comes out of his mouth is an irrelevancy.

    There are underlying forms in the world and the world is full of cowards and infants who are forbidden and barred from understanding their meaning. This is the moral order of the world.

    O’Reilly shares that status of infantile ignorance with untold millions and that is why they all collectively blubber so much. There is not a molecule in his being, not one aspect of his soul that is serious. He is the very definition of a ridiculous irrelevancy. He has an enormous crowd of friends that share this status with him.

    O’Reilly and his ilk think that the world and its forms are shaped by human hands. This is the preposterous position of all of Political Correctness. It never occurs to them that nothing exists unless it is given to leave to exist and therefore there is a profound reason for the existence of everything. Human hands have nothing to do with it.

    The great dilemma of the Politically Correct Establishment comes from what they are prohibited from understanding. This is why they never know what hit them when they are taken down. They are always utterly flummoxed. Then they flail about with nothing to grasp and their sole response is to fall to the ground, cower in a fetal position, and begin to blubber. That is O’Reilly.

    There are very deep reasons for this, reasons our kind at BUGS should clearly perceive.

  3. #3 by BGLass on 01/09/2011 - 5:08 pm

    “Nation of Immigrants” seemed to shut down the phones in DC during one of the attempted immigrant legalizations. After that, they seemed to realize they’d been pissing off the public all along, then “Rule of Law” started. That seems more a non-sequitor, instead of just offensive– What could “rule of law” mean in Kafka’s The Trial?– if ‘living law” is re-interpreted to the point that no elderly citizens can keep up with what they’re supposed to do, etc.?

    This “living law” meme is a danger for Prots, in a way that nation of immigrants wasn’t; they will connect this to “Incarnate Jesus” (who is called “living law/word” in bible) without questioning if this is really the same as the “living constitution/law” as it would play out on SC, where-NONe ARE PROTS. Some will hear echo of biblical ‘living law,’ and approve of the idea without thinking.

    Puritans latched onto jews under the rubric of The Social Missions. Catholicism seems to have the same problem—(one meets a preponderance of Catholic “social workers,” and they are more easily brought into a welfare state through the term “charity” (good works are good regardless of whose doing them or their motivation). Taxes=charity, (or can).

    Beck addressed by saying this takes away the right of “choice” (the ever word) in charity— but is it ok to pay for atheist states? If the country is committed to NON-CHRISTIAN ways (“We are no longer a Christian Country”), then will Christian community exist in the future?

    If there’s no workable environment for Christian Community, as in Russia—- then isn’t the Christian imperative to ensure survival of environment for worship?—even above charity to others in foreign countries? Since– without home base, there can be no charity, and at some point, the atheist state may not keep that up, and where will Christians learn, etc. And where are the kids in the church, anyway? Nobody demands they answer that.

    Psychiatry was fashioned as Spiritual Agent of the state— but are underlying assumptions of psychiatry even vaguely compatible with Christianity? Ministers, preists, rabbis have degrees in PSYCHIATRY, true. But it was state Psychiatrist (Keith Ablow), not a minister, (preist or rabbi) who came on t.v. to discuss the tragedy in AZ. An AZ cop added the criminal is “Insane!” (Hardly an examination of sin–whether of the criminal or community that produced him).

    Anyway, some Yankees do not mix with Southerns b/c it causes CD. A) the southern really is like in Deliverance movie (but Northerners refuse to look at how they got that way, historically, much less their part in it or B) Southerner is not like in Deliverance, and Northerners realize something’s fishy, and maybe they should not have spent a lifetime crapping on people who are quite engaging and intelligent. Some like the South, though.

    Re-legimating Protestentism (the real religion of the South) is a big job but it must occur, imo.

    Personally, I like: the singing, the emphasis on Jesus as Truth and knowlege, the study tradition, the emphasis on Jesus’s human side, (instead of divine), the character-types that come out of the whole IMPERATIVE to do “testimony” (a subset of porch talk, perhaps), which is to connect one’s own personal specifics in life to the bigger picture, to talk about how ‘eternal law’ played out in one’s own life, which produces great storytellers. I like the lack of having to kneel to popes and such, so you must think for yourself. I like the extreme connection to nature in all their poetry and hymnals and the agricultural ties, as well!

    A Protestant is an enhancement for the whole Christian community, whether the others can admit this or not. Protestantism as real religion does things that neither Orthodox or Catholic can do—and I do think it’s an ingratitude to not look at that, just as it’s sort of distasteful of O’Reilly (even though I kind of like him, actually) to come late to a party, eat heartily, while going on about the poor host’s misfortunes. When I was in Catholic classes, it must have been said a million times that, had C.S. Lewis just lived longer, he would have become a Catholic.

    Mike on Fri. night VOR went off on a NE-sounding guy awhile back, who was saying “The children of the founders might have been something way back in 1776, but now they were all fat and stupid, etc… and they were never going to fight, and people –the come late, leaves early— should leave U.S. now before it gets worse–

    Mike is from North and he was pissed!! Like, “I won’t give up on us!” The speech warmed many a Southerner to the Northerner, and I’m sure many Southerner’s in that moment felt Mike was a true brother. He took up for the Southerners— and he could have taken it even further. I mean, who is fat? Dr. Duke? Mr. Whitaker?

    Protestants have a moral imperative by Jesus, to make it real, make it personal and to testify openly about how they, themselves, and their families have been affected by all this—but nobody, least of all any MINISTERS, EVER holds them to it.

    And this is a SIN! And they need to be taken to task for it!!! (Without making their demoralization even worse, if that can be possible).

    The trick is to make their need for penance more useful.
    It is not worthy of Jesus to let people fool you and abuse you!

  4. #4 by shari on 01/09/2011 - 6:11 pm

    ” It is not worthy of Jesus to let people fool you and abuse you.” Amen to that. The politically correct religion teaches that Christ never cared for our white ancestors,Catholic or Protestant, immigrant or native born. That we should reputiate them. He also cares nothing about our extinction or by what hideous means our children should be genocided. This is blasphemy.

  5. #5 by backbaygrouch on 01/09/2011 - 6:24 pm

    Genealogists use 25 years as a rule of thumb for an average generation. It has been about 400 hundred years since the colonies that formed the United States were founded. If you go back to your 16th genration forebears there are 65,536 of them. Deduct 3 generations for folks Bob’s or my age and there are only 8,192. The number of individuals is less due to cousins marrying. Still that is a lot of kinfolk to meet in Heaven, or, as in my family’s case, possibly a different rendezvous spot.

    The shear force of these numbers can widen our base. About a year and a half ago I got into a conversation with a man running for State Representative in Chicago. He was anti-machine, but turned out to be much further to the left than sane people could imagine. He lost, but not badly. But that is not what matters to us.

    In exploring his background he told me that all his grandparents migrated from Sicily. But what he really cared most about was that two of his grandchildren had Mayflower antecedents. He brought it up not knowing anything about my family. Without prodding he returned to the point several times. He was very proud of that. It made him one of us in a way that erased much of the resentments that the Jewish agenda media had instilled in him.

    Grandchildren can shame the ingratitude out of many a Bill O’Reilly.

    A couple of years ago Peggy Noonan did a pro open borders op ed in the Wall Street Journal. In the comment section, back when it was a lot smaller, I asked why I should be ashamed or be penalized for having distant ancestors who built a country so great that her recent ancestors wanted to share in it. It got an unusually large number of favorable nods and cheers.

    Not to say that she read it, but when she essentially reiterated the column several months later she made a point of saying that the progeny of the founding stock had legitimate concerns, should not be vilified, and should be appreciated. Progress.

    The gap between the Northern ethnics and the Southern Whites is being bridged by Marryin’ Sam. These two demographic groups formed the Reagan victory and are the only coalition with the ability at the ballot box to effect government policies to limit immigration and encourage a higher White birthrate.

    We have something very valuable to exploit and sell – our unique heritage. It has an envied cachet. Do not let the Hollywood’s Jewish putdowns fool you. We are the gold standard.

    Mother nature is creating the marketplace in the form of increasing millions of children with some colonial ancestry. Even one in 65,536 great[x14]grandparent is an arrow in our quiver. It is strikes at the heart of our commonality, our race.

    Of all the shovel ready projects that could be implemented a compilation by the government of all Americans that ever lived, with built in connectors so that anyone could easily trace their ancestry, would give, dollar for dollar, the most pleasure to your average citizen. Genealogy is fun. There is the distinct possibility of substantial medical benefits too.

    In the computer age the task in not all that daunting. What is involved is records on fewer than a billion persons. All in a day’s work for Visa or Mastercard.

    But self awareness would be the most important dividend. It would create tribal consciousness, a sense of community. And it would disproportionately benefit our people, something few in any government programs do. A soon as identification as Whites is established the reaction against the genocide of our race will kick in and it will kick in fiercely.

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