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BUGS Is Small, But Big League

Posted by Bob on January 11th, 2011 under Coaching Session

A couple of years ago BoardAd told me he was going to do a revamp on BUGS. I cleared it and forgot about it. BoardAd told me no more for months, choosing instead to work with pros like SysOps as he went ahead.

One day months later the old format was there. The next day the revamp happened, and I had to learn a lot of basic things again. I felt idiotic, but mostly I felt happy.

Can you imagine how the average vet pref or affirmative action small-time manager would have reacted to this?

“Why the HELL didn’t you keep me up with this?

Not me. I have never held a Big Title myself, but what I can do for you is to tell you what things are LIKE in the big leagues. I wasn’t the Big Guy, but I was senior staff.

The big guys expect staff to do it ALL, and it isn’t just because they’re being “My time is valuable” snobs.

Richard Nixon said that when he became President he misallocated his time at first. He had already been a congressman, a senator, and the Vice President of the United States, but he STILL took a while to realize how long it took him to realize the full importance of DELEGATING in that job.

Nixon said he spent one of his first nights in the White House worrying about an international civil aviation agreement that had reached his desk that day. Later, he had trouble believing he had done that. That agreement was reached by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) advising the State Department

The CAB was where I worked. We had a total of seven hundred employees. If the President tries to micromanage seven hundred Federal employees he will never sleep. The total regular civil service was two thousand times that many people, not to mention the Army, the Navy, and other folks.

When you get into the big leagues you must hire pros and let them do their jobs. I have psychological disabilities and have been a workaholic all my life. But I can get a lot done simply because micromanaging never even occurs to me. I was very happy to see BoardAd grab the initiative and run with it.

There is a new sentence at the top our main page. It says that anyone reading this should look at General Comments 5, which is where the news from the FRONT is.

Nice people will think this me being modest, pointing to other writers on Bob‘s site.. Actually, it is more valuable than that. It is me DELEGATING.

This is something the Old Man has to TEACH you: How we do it in the Big Leagues.

One General Comments 5 entry stated that he had read BUGS for six months before he went to GC5 and found it wasn’t just the Old Man’s Wisdom but a General Staff Center where those doing the fighting reported back to GC5.

That led me directly to this article.

Someone else in GC5 quoted a statement I must have made about how you need to take initiative: “In this war, if you don’t get orders, just go kill something.”

I read General Comments 5 closely. GC 5, at least so far, is people who are putting in the Mantra in places where they know it will be taken down. They don’t whine about censorship. Once you really get into this fight, you know that censorship becomes routine.

We are like other revolutionaries who would write on walls and put up signs in the dead of night in the full knowledge they will be erased and taken down in the morning.

This is exciting. This is ACTION.

Actually, delegation is not so much a matter of modesty as it is of GUTS. You have to take the heat when one of your people does something wrong. The micromanager is often just plain scared.

BUGS is small, but we are literally taking on the whole damned world.

There’s no room for micromanagement here.

Now go kill something.

  1. #1 by Dave on 01/11/2011 - 11:38 am

    Instead of “small but big league” I would characterize BUGS as a latent enormity.

    We are all subject to nested systems of influence. For example, we are subject to the earth’s gravity, but also to the solar system’s gravity and beyond that to the gravitational influences of the entire universe.

    Learned people focus broadly, they focus on large the influences because all the lesser influences are circumscribed by the large influences.

    Why, for example, did the roiling thunderstorm of defamation ignited by the recent Arizona terrorist incident hover over AmRen? How did it find AmRen so readily?

    This is very comforting to me. AmRen was immediately denounced as a club of “pseudo intellectuals’. What justice!

    The only opportunities that matter are the opportunities for saying the Mantra. Those opportunities are spreading like wild fire. Take comfort in them. And take comfort in the Establishment’s hysterical defamations. The stormier and more passionate everything gets, the better.

    Armed with Robert Whitaker’s magnum opus of political science all this should point to greater and greater relaxation for us. The stormier it gets, the more relaxed we become.

    Robert Whitaker has done a great thing. He has handed us a gift that immunizes us against interrogation. That’s a “get ‘er done” kind of teacher.

    You are not intelligent if you can’t solve real problems! Just solve them and move on! That’s Robert Whitaker.

    Accordingly, our message from BUGS to the Establishment is simple: “Bring it on!”

  2. #2 by Ian Santiago on 01/11/2011 - 12:09 pm

    sorry, moved to genral comments.

  3. #3 by Simmons on 01/11/2011 - 12:44 pm

    We also confuse the issue by saying the Left is a giant monolithic entity when in fact it is comprised of cults rigidly segregated, with only the anti-White meme and the tax dollar chase crossing over the boundaries of the cults.

    Since the focus is on AZ of late, they recently outlawed the Mexican school agenda. Now outside of the LaRaza cult and a few mentally ill anti-White whites this has zero resonance with the Left. Matter of fact if one places this about the necks of a lefty more than not they will renounce it vehemently.

    Divide and conquer is especially easy these days since the Left is now in power and each cult seems to want to pull in different directions.

    Thank god for Obama, unless he is willing to throw some of the left’s cults overboard he is only going to magnify the problems (IMO).

  4. #4 by BGLass on 01/11/2011 - 12:45 pm

    AmRen was immediately denounced as a club of “pseudo intellectuals’. What justice!

    always liked that quote from the left, ‘they are becoming more sophisticated in hate…” What sophisticated really means here is using tactics they used, (not what sophisticated used to mean–a balanced sense of world and its various peoples). Here, it means “they read Saul Alinksy too,” or somesuch. —As if it never occurred to them that all the kids they were teaching (while openly talking about infiltrating school systems) weren’t going to grow up someday, lol.

    It speaks to the generational question: Horus (and Bezmenov also) say it takes about 15 years to re-educate–the amount of time to put a group through schools. OTOH, the Torah says it takes 6 generations to erase public memories (the time of forgetting–‘even to the sixth generation.’–and the Book of Daniel details the cultural reform program, the change of culture, language foods, etc.).

    Right now, the first generation could be called the people who have come to middle age just now, the first white kids of affirmative action– who were educated by them. Those starting school in ’65 = are just 45 now, why mature Americans (tea party) must be degraded. They may be particularly dangerous b/c they, too, read the same books, had the same teachers.

    Those who witnessed going to school at integration gunpoint first-hand in South, at an impressionable age are now still under 60. So, there is a sense in which a generation is a life cycle, also. In that way, it can be 350 year (taking 70 as a life) to reach 6 generations—so the Civil War is still around.

    Many living now had grandparents who had grandparents from whom they heard about the war 1st hand, (either side). So, the current people have heard of the war (and battles) at only second hand, which is very fresh really. From somebody who told somebody else. “I heard directly from so and so who heard it first-hand.”

    These 45 yo might people be more inclined to revisit childhood and ask when they first heard of various words: slaves, holocaust tragedies, redneck hillbilly haters, lone gun nut killers, and the other main cultural signifiers they organize their perceptions around. (So—the “discrediting” of “freudian analysis” —which requires digging at memories— in favor of cognitive behavioral therapies (just get on with it–as introduced by today’s t.v. shrinks who tell the public how to understand their experiences)— or a new use of the freud theories, now to “open up the past and make interventions” (reframe very old memories in a PC way, in case someone questions the logic of stuff they remember from childhood, like how scary holocaust lectures were and how they made them feel– threatening to make it individual and personal.

    If anyone is not a “pseudo-intellectual,” then they can be given the genius psycho meme.

    Exploring the etymology of main memes—from the first instance in culture to how they play out is fascinating—like the appearance of ‘lone white genius gun nut’ in Mind Hunter underwritten by Olshaker, connected to Washington Media Group, then turned into blockbusters Silence of Lambs, Bone Collector, then disseminated through further 3rd tier pulp fiction—then coming to the msm news teams (once it’s normalized in other “fiction” media)—as in this particular case of the 22 yo “insane” person. (Given the horrifying extremity of this tragedy, surely many wish for more detailed analysis than talking heads –albeit making 10 million a year– who are not professional mindhunters and have never met the perpetrator making proclamations about him.)

    But nobody says, “oh yeah, I remember the first time I saw that plot!” Gee, I’m not sure that plot works with this new event exactly, lol.

  5. #5 by BGLass on 01/11/2011 - 12:56 pm

    They say truth is stranger than fiction. But how truth and fiction work together is ever stranger than that.

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