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Good News for Pro-Whites, Bad News for Anti-Whites

These articles often begin with an example, but when I get through writing and rewriting it, it ends up illustrating something unexpected.

This one begins with my stating again that two of my professors in grad school at the University of Virginia won Nobel Prizes. So where am I going?

Will I do a piece on how the real advances in economics were finally realized to be coming from the right? How about illustrating how smart I am?

Actually the critical point of this statement has to do with an entirely different point that has come up in BUGS. I often say that I want BUGS to be able to continue after I pass away or am finally put in the dingaling ward.

Some of our readers react to this like a member of my family would: “Is something wrong, Bob?”

No, nothing is wrong. This is a fight I would give my life for. I want the points I have worked out here to continue like any other soldier wants his side to keep fighting when he might fall during the battle.

A soldier makes sure his fall will not bring defeat, but he sure as hell does not plan on falling.

So I mention those two Nobel Laureates to illustrate an entirely different point.

Very few people reaching 70 know anything about the fate of their old professors. But I have read about those two because of their status.

One of those two Nobel Laureates, Ronald Coase, just reached the age of 100. The younger one, James Buchanan, is now 91. Both are still going strong, and neither is a health fanatic of any kind.

I looked up my dissertation first reader and he is  88 and still going strong. He is not only not a health fanatic, he is actually pudgy.

If those two profs had not won the Prize I would not know this.

Old Bob will be 70 on March 31, a mere child by comparison. And medicine will be better as I get older. I will do everything I can to make this good news for you and bad news for our enemies.