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Good News for Pro-Whites, Bad News for Anti-Whites

Posted by Bob on January 12th, 2011 under Coaching Session

These articles often begin with an example, but when I get through writing and rewriting it, it ends up illustrating something unexpected.

This one begins with my stating again that two of my professors in grad school at the University of Virginia won Nobel Prizes. So where am I going?

Will I do a piece on how the real advances in economics were finally realized to be coming from the right? How about illustrating how smart I am?

Actually the critical point of this statement has to do with an entirely different point that has come up in BUGS. I often say that I want BUGS to be able to continue after I pass away or am finally put in the dingaling ward.

Some of our readers react to this like a member of my family would: “Is something wrong, Bob?”

No, nothing is wrong. This is a fight I would give my life for. I want the points I have worked out here to continue like any other soldier wants his side to keep fighting when he might fall during the battle.

A soldier makes sure his fall will not bring defeat, but he sure as hell does not plan on falling.

So I mention those two Nobel Laureates to illustrate an entirely different point.

Very few people reaching 70 know anything about the fate of their old professors. But I have read about those two because of their status.

One of those two Nobel Laureates, Ronald Coase, just reached the age of 100. The younger one, James Buchanan, is now 91. Both are still going strong, and neither is a health fanatic of any kind.

I looked up my dissertation first reader and he is  88 and still going strong. He is not only not a health fanatic, he is actually pudgy.

If those two profs had not won the Prize I would not know this.

Old Bob will be 70 on March 31, a mere child by comparison. And medicine will be better as I get older. I will do everything I can to make this good news for you and bad news for our enemies.

  1. #1 by Dave on 01/12/2011 - 9:19 am

    Whitakeronline, BUGS, NationalSalvation presents the most premium content on the Web.

    Sometimes I have to just pinch myself regarding it. All my life I have been a passionate seeker of premium know how. Most people are too dimly aware of the vertex of experience and how, if you actively move up that vertex, your life is profoundly transformed. The payoffs are just huge. My attitude has always been: “Why waste your life panning for gold when you can do this?”

    Mommy Professor never cues anybody in because Mommy Professor, as Robert Whitaker so astutely points out, has never been anywhere. Mommy Professor just plain doesn’t get it and likewise for most her students.

    I once took an advanced statistics course where an unbelievable thing happened: On the first day of class the instructor announced that his grading policy would be a blanket ‘F’ for all members of the class regardless of performance. On the second day of class I was the only student who showed up for class. He told me: “I will be goddamned if I am going to tolerate students who have so little commitment to research and so little commitment to the giant task of mastering advanced statistics if what they are really here for is academic credit.” He was just one of those kinds of instructors that you find at certain universities that everybody in the department was afraid of so he got away with these kinds of shenanigans. I then spent the next two years immersed day and night in statistics.

    He, like me, knew of the giant payoff in taking the acquisition of knowhow seriously. I was a 24 by 7 kind of student. I was one of those rats always in the stacks searching, searching, searching for anything that was real. Years of it. And then the Internet came and I was liberated. My happiness soared.

    It was on the Internet that I discovered The New Right Papers and A Plague on Both of Your Houses, ordered them from Amazon and read them and realized that I had hit pay dirt. You have no idea of how hard I work to find stuff like this and if you understand essay and writing, you know how rare well-written thin books are. The quality of the content to my discerning mind was just off the charts. I kill myself looking for stuff of that quality. I have been doing this for long hard years so I know of what I speak. And it was through those books that I found Robert Whitaker online. After that I read Why Johnny Can’t Think.

    An ongoing part of my job is evaluating the quality of legal talent. I deal with lawyers a lot. Truly talented lawyers are very hard to come by. Law is a game of prestige and status and that is why the talent is so hard to evaluate. I can‘t tell you how impressed I am with Robert Whitaker from the legal knowledge standpoint. He is more knowledgeable than most top tier lawyers are. The best lawyers instruct judges in the law and they tend to focus in areas of the law that are hard to find. Strategically that makes sense. Most lawyers are so stupid they don’t know this. If the law is easy to find you can’t win with judges. That judge will kick your ass around any way he or she wants because there is no way you can tell the judge anything he or she doesn’t already know.

    Robert Whitaker in his own way is an instructor of judges in the law. I don’t think many of our BUGSTERs get this. This is so far from what outfits like AmRen do there is no comparison. Robert Whitaker functions at a whole different level, light years ahead in a more effective approach.

    Not getting recognition is pretty much the norm for the most important people among us. This is the way it has been throughout history.

    I feel sorry for all the people who can’t make their way to Robert Whitaker’s content. They are impoverished and don’t know it. Robert Whitaker is no way a repeater of memes. He is a creator of memes, something very rare. He is also deeply legal – recognizing the importance of law in human affairs. That is where he really comes from but our BUGSTERs don’t see it.

    So I hope Mr. Whitaker continues the hard work of pumping out content. I also hope our BUGSTERS realize what really hard work that is. You don’t know what you have until you lose it. And when Robert Whitaker is no longer around, the world is going to be impacted, I guarantee it.

  2. #2 by BGLass on 01/12/2011 - 9:34 am

    A couple of my teachers before college were ok, but in college, they just did stuff like get NEA grants, try to learn better English, start journals where they could publish themselves, try to get into our pants, etc. One old geezer –me in late teens, him in 60s– chased me around the end table in a living room, literally breathing heavily like a parody of a t.v. stalker. The person who looks most like him in public life –no joke– really is Mark Potok (sp). They could almost be twins. The one student who actually slept with this pos–and bragged about being his pet all the time, believing it was her talent– did go far and is now a college teacher Mommy Prof, too, who concentrates on saving various wrongfully incarcerated black men. Probably a moral obligation to write reviews of their work online, or of vid lectures, with insider tidbits, so their current students can feel supported and realize they are not alone.

    Am reading Reading Appalachia from Left to Right, conservatives and the 1974 textbook controversy, (Cornell Press) and you’re mentioned, Mr. Whitaker. You are destined to continue going viral, ever more in the future, whether you want that or not, imo. Your fate is sealed.

  3. #3 by BGLass on 01/12/2011 - 10:15 am

    PS— white youth are everything to the left b/c only a very few of them will get anything from the system other than high taxes along with no real communities. Any white without a big payoff (and there are ever fewer big payoffs for them to go around in multi-racialism) will look back and question why stupid horny geezers were presented to them as “learning.” They SHUDDER at a “top down” society where the top’s claim to fame is (supposedly) overcoming the ghetto.

    De-industrialization combined with the Health Care Complex (universities connected to Mommy Prof and hospitals) = far worse than just death panels.

    Just look at footage of “foreign doctors” on the news in NY who have gotten caught re-using syringes and infecting whole communities. More than one case. Backed by Mommy Prof, and in places with no other jobs available (de-industrialized) and no generational whites (de-colonized) — people SADLY do feel its morally reprehensible to have kids. It’s not selfishness— it’s respect for the unborn.

  4. #4 by Creator on 01/12/2011 - 1:12 pm

    9 years ago I started learning again, on my own, and mostly on/from the Internet. First gaming and PC skills, then psychology because nothing made sense. Anti-feminism followed suit and from there, with overlap, to alternative news. Found racism there one day and got curious. From curious I got hooked and been immersed for over 5 years now.
    To all those who have contributed, often against all odds, true information in a hostile and demoralized world, I SALUTE YOU. I am an Ordained Minister in the White Racial Religion of Creativity and one day, when I was on Tom Metzgers website, I saw a link to White Rabbit Radio Show. My cement soaked mind got blasted, over and over again, with carrot loaded information lightnings from Horus and I loved it. He kept pointing to Bob Whitaker, I hopped over and took a look, scratched my head in bewilderment because I had no idea what I was looking at. But I had a very strong feeling that this was important. So I stuck to it, day after day, week after week, I came back to bang my thick head against the puzzles that made very little sense to me.
    Then, slowly, my mind got pried open, the constant message, Horus, Bobs and Lord Nelsons posts at Stormfront and his daily information bombs and the comments made the obvious clearer and I knew that I had found my General in the relentless war against my Race, with a fantastic senior staff, BUGSters.
    My point is that you got yourself a happy, loyal privat and since I could, so many others can and will. Now, I am a specialist that will stick to it and only get better. My anti-white ammunition is extremely effective and deadly so now I am going out to ‘kill’ and report back.

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