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Sara Palin

Posted by Bob on January 13th, 2011 under Coaching Session

One of the articles in my 1982 book, the New Right Papers was “Lid on a Boiling Pot.” The title says it all. It discussed the inability of a system based on liberals and respectable conservatives to deal with any BASIC problems.

Even those who were around in 1982 feel that the 1980s represented a time of relative cooperation between the “two sides” they have so comfortably established.

So every now and then a Barry Goldwater or a George Wallace, or a Ross Perot or a Newt Gingrich or a Sara Palin is allowed to take positions respectable conservatives find uncomfortable. So far this has worked.

A system as powerful and as successful as that in the United States has periodic outbreaks. But the yokels always take each outbreak seriously, “Now the Revolution has come!”

Only here will you see these outbreaks put together. Only here will you see them discussed as outbreaks.

So when someone asks me about Sara Palin, I am frankly too old and tired to explain the history they know very well to them.

I was with Wallace, but I knew very well that, wish as I might, he was simply a step in the movement to a conservative coalition. I was also responsible for saving the space telescope at a crucial moment because I saw that the Soviets were a paper tiger economically and their Empire would be trumped, as we finally did with SDI.

But there was not a single yokel who knew his economics, his Soviet economics, his political figures, and his science as well as I did. No one was with me in two of those fights, much less all three. No one understood the connection.

So when I look at Sara Palin, I am looking at the context we all lived through, but anyone who wants to be a professional commentator doesn’t talk about anything but the current sensation.

There is snow on the ground in South Carolina today. This is unusual, but if anybody acted like it was the first time there has ever been snow on the ground here, he would need treatment.

But the system pays people for that kind of insanity.

  1. #1 by backbaygrouch on 01/13/2011 - 6:34 am

    Respectable conservatives are masochists. You cannot whip them enough. No pain is too great. Not hitting back is a matter of pride. A kinky porn movie could not match the facial contortions RCs go through to please their liberal paymasters.

    Case in point: The Westboro Baptist Church and its place in the constellation of anti-White activists. You’ve seen it in the news. It is a ghoulish congregation that specializes in disrupting funerals of America’s slain servicemen. The Arizona legislature just passed an emergency law to bar their threatened demonstration outside the services for a nine year old child murdered by a madman last week.

    How hateful these conservative Christians are. How twisted. How demented. Their leader, their heart and soul Pastor Fred Phelps represents all that is loathsome in grass roots, White Christian America.

    No one disputes the left wing template. No respectable conservative objects. They bite their tongues and take it.

    But it is not true. It is a lie. And no respectable has the guts to pipe up and expose the falsehood.

    A little bit of history, a couple of facts are in order.

    Fred Phelps was the most prominent civil rights attorney ever to practice in Kansas. Before he was disbarred he had the state’s largest law practice representing blacks seeking reparations for alleged wrongs. He was effective. The NAACP had him on their awards’ list. So do other such groups.

    He has run for office five times. Always as a Democrat from the left. He garnered nearly 31% in a Democrat primary for the United States Senate. That is a statewide contest.

    This man Phelps is an anti-White. He would recoil from the Mantra the way a vampire reacts to a crucifix in a Hollywood horror flick. But this is never mentioned when his freak show protests intrude on the grief of the families of veterans and murder victims.

    Last week a psychotic drama played out in Tucson, Arizona. Since then political ghouls have roamed the public arena seeking to profit from it. The three most prominent are from the academy, politics and the theater. Nobelist Krugman slandered the tea party, read, the founding stock of this nation. Senator Sanders (D-VT) tried to make a quick buck off the tragedy by sending out a fundraising letter smearing those same folk in general and Republicans in particular. Phelps moved his caravan of hate to Tucson and ballyhooed a circus.

    This behavior is beyond the power of words to describe its vileness. They are part and parcel of each other. They are a coalition. They appeal to the different constituencies of our enemies. Krugman speaks to the Mommy Professors. Sanders arms the professionals. Phelps rallies the cobblestone skulled ignorant.

    None of them will admit it but they march together. They are the shock troops for White genocide. The personal histories of Krugman and Sanders as anti-White Jews are known, if seldom noted in those terms.

    But the same background of Fred Phelps is suppressed. Not a hint of it is allowed on air or in print. No respectable conservative would risk his future appearance fees by speaking up and pointing it out. That assumes they would even know it, or have the audacity to know it.

    Verboten history is not limited to questioning the Six Million of the oh-so-sacred holocaust or even whispering about the eight million who died in the Holodomor or the ethnicity of its perpetrators.

    The unmentionable extends to never upturning the rocks under which crawl the most unsavory elements among the anti-racists. The silenced bells about Fred Phelps peal out across the land. And the mutest tongues are in the mouths of respectable conservatives.

    To get this kind of information you have to come to BUGS.


  2. #2 by BGLass on 01/13/2011 - 10:57 am

    According to wiki, he got some black caucus award as recently as the 80s. The “Greater Kansas City Chapter of Blacks in Government and the Bonner Springs branch of the NAACP,” it said gave awards, “for his work on behalf of black clients…” It must cost a lot to protest professionally 24/7. If these were monetary awards, it doesn’t say.

    But here’s what I don’t get: Kevin Smith with his movie Red State coming out, a horror film based on Phelps, or Theroux (sp) who did a little documentary. Of course they have to know this history, –would anybody make any movie without knowing that?— Maybe they just think, “wow this seems funky,” and have that inculcated collegiate headset where pointing out “funkiness” is supposedly what smart people do in “art” (without ever asking why); they do teach that in the “Fine Arts” masters degree programs, but it’s hard to believe anyone is that dumb.

    Maybe when that much money goes into a 24-7 protest group, the name needs to be kept present any way possible, like with Red State, and Smith really does have no idea why he’s disseminating what.

  3. #3 by Dave on 01/13/2011 - 11:37 am

    In almost every country in the world the Establishment operates as an industry and the politics that are hung out for the masses is simply a veil for the endless wrangling between “chaebol clans” on how the loot is divided up that is extracted from those that actually work at producing what is needed.

    If you at look at Palin and Obama from the Marxist “two steps forward one step backward” paradigm it is Obama that represents the “one step backward phase” and Palin that is the Marxist “two steps forward” project.

    The yokels fall for the same simple tricks cycle after cycle after cycle endlessly. This is what the “chaebols” count on. It is what underlies their whole public relations shtick.

    But there is a problem: There is a moral order to the world. This is what the Establishment cannot come to grips with. It is why in America the Establishment never succeeds at quashing the political violence.

    Mommy Professor will dismiss America’s (permanent) history of endless political assassinations as “that’s just the way America is”.

    What BS! The endless cycle of political assassinations in America is telling you that things are fundamentally wrong. The American political system has never in all of its history succeeded in procuring a real political settlement in anything. Not once!

    The pretense that the American political system succeeds as a method of governance is the biggest lie the Establishment tells.

    Sewn into the very molecular fabric of America is irresolvable political conflict that permanently resists settlement and we all know what that conflict is: It’s race conflict. It’s race conflict. It’s race conflict. The very thing all the predator bastards of the Establishment militantly deny and if you don’t think Palin isn’t a predator bastard, you don’t know what a predator bastard is.

    One thousand George Wallace’s can roll over, brutally wounded and demoralized, and “apologize” for being wrong about race, and it doesn’t change one thing at all. Nothing changes!

    My advice is for people to get that through their heads so they begin to understand the nature of the war they are in. If you are an American you were born into it. Tough luck. Come to grips with it.

  4. #4 by BGLass on 01/13/2011 - 12:12 pm

    “…Mommy Professor will dismiss America’s (permanent) history of endless political assassinations as “that’s just the way America is”…”

    “Violence is just the price we must all pay for freedom.”

    “The U.S. has always just been the most violent country. American naturally produces violent stories in Hollywood, and this reflects the innate violent character of Americans who are perpetrators, but not the violence of those they have oppressed, which is just logically to be expected b/c of generational harm to them.”

    The mantra breaks the circularity.

  5. #5 by Simmons on 01/13/2011 - 12:12 pm

    “Out of chaos comes order.” We should thank the anti-white left and their stepnfetchits of the right they have fused chaos and anti-white so now White is order.

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