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Mantra Thinking Requires THOUGHT!

I have emphasized repeatedly that any respectable conservative can criticize current immigration policy, but every respectable must praise “assimilation,” aka, interracial marriage, to the skies. Genocide requires BOTH immigration and assimilation, and soon there will be enough immigrants to take out our entire race simply by multiplying and intermarrying.

The Respectable Conservative Solution is the Final Solution.

Mantra Thinking attacks the entire process. It is very easy to get so bogged down in immigration with all your “allies” so that you ignore the third rail, the real sore point, intermarriage, blood mixing.

Likewise when we talk about a similar Final Solution to the Black Problem, we tend to emphasize Africa too much. For the Final Solution to the Black Problem, the lines would be a lot more outrageous than that, and no example is more telling than The Haiti Line.

Haiti is almost 100% unmixed black. It has a higher percentage of pure blacks than any surviving white country has of pure whites, including Iceland. The Dominican Republic is almost 100% mulatto.

If Haiti were as white as it is black, the whole world would be demanding that it accept massive immigration. It doesn’t matter that it’s poor. Eastern Europe is a hell of a lot poorer than Japan, but the world asks regularly “Are they ready for immigration?”

If Haiti were white as it is black, the Dominican Republic which shares he Island of San Domingo with it would not be noticed by those who would screaming at white Haiti to bring in immigrants.

Just as asking Eastern Europe “When will you be ready for immigration?” is so routine no one thinks about why it is asked, no one would wonder why the Haiti Line was the one everybody talked about.

Mantra Thinking requires more THINKING than simply bitching about immigration or asking what if people insisted on Africa bringing in immigrants. Mantra Thinking requires some THOUGHT.


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