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Even Treason is Subject to Supply and Demand

The one big difference between my view of our opposition and that of the Leaders is that I regard our opponents as muddled morons. That is certainly the view of them our opponents want LEAST.

Respectable conservatives are actually chosen as the official opposition because they regard the established powers as Geniuses. They don’t even call them Evil Geniuses, as the far right does. Respectable conservatives look up to leftists.

As National Review founding Publisher William Rusher said, “People on National Review do not believe anything unless it is in the New York Times.”

Remember that respectable conservatives are the ones the left feels comfortable with. That term respectable is handed out like the New York Times Best Seller List, which is published before the sales statistics are complete or even begun. Respectability means one keeps within bounds that are comfortable to those who control the media.

This is not necessarily a conscious choice, much less a Conspiracy. It is based on what makes the voice of the establishment COMFORTABLE. That is strictly a judgment call, and least of all is it a Secret List agreed at midnight between Conspiracy Members.

Who would a liberal rather debate, Sean Hannity or Bob Whitaker? I would make it clear that he is out of date, a part of the herd. And not smart enough to challenge anything basic. Hannity would call them well-meaning, almost get into tears about their vast intellect, and say he would agree with them except that he Hears the Voice of God.

That is how you get paid the big bucks. You show the establishment that you make it look good to the yokels. It’s much like a magic act, where two different groups see two different things.

You make the yokels think you are exposing leftist error, but you make the leftists look good, too.

The reason there is so much competition for respectable status is because it PAYS. Respectability is worth big money.

But like all markets, it is subject to supply and demand.

I pointed out in another article that Senator Hollings let it all out about the Israeli Lobby owning Capitol Hill in his last major speech because he had sacrificed many years in the Senate by being a Southern turncoat , but for decades he had not even gotten mentioned for a Vice Presidential nomination in return.

Hollings’ problem was that the establishment has more Southern turncoats than it knows what to do with, and every day another thousand show up expecting to be rewarded for it.

From the moderate Republicans to the Tea Party, the competition for respectable status is vicious. Nobody tries harder than respectable conservatives to thwart grassroots upstarts, and there is no way a pro-white word will ever be spoken at a Tea Party rally, because those seeking respectability would turn them in faster than a Soviet informer.


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