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Mexico is the Product of Mexicans

There is literally a war going on just south of the Mexican border. Any time anyone gets killed on THIS side of that imaginary line from stray bullets, it is news. Then there is the question of whether Mexicans coming here will make this the same kind of country they have.

This is the kind of connection anyone who THINKS about the situation would make. But the job of the liberal-respectable conservative duo is to prevent such thinking.

As I said in the New Rights Papers a generation ago, the reason Mexican labor is worth several times as much when it crosses that invisible line is not magic. It is because, when a Mexican crosses into the United States, he works in a country that is NOT run by Mexicans.

This is a conclusion every respectable conservative points to as heresy. They say it is racism because it cannot matter WHO populates a country. All that matters is the pieces of paper the country is supposedly based on.

So libertarians believe in magic. They insist that there is no reason labor should be worth more on this side of the border.

How many times have you ever heard anyone ask WHY Mexicans have to come HERE for opportunity. We always hear that they are only doing it for their families, of course. There is no greed in Mexicans.

We also hear that the Mexicans are not at all responsible for the full scale slaughter going on where Mexican rule begins. The media are always saying that the whole blame is on Americans, because Americans “have an appetite for illegal drugs.”

Political Correctness is a religion, but it seems to me that even after being trained act the liberal seminaries we call colleges, this sort of cant would begin to pall. But all the people around me repeat this crap like trained parrots.

Why is it that the same labor is worth so much more when you cross the Rio Grande? The only thing that changes there is the jurisdiction.

Which is why they are all shouting that Mexico is having that war within gunshot of the American border because Americans are greedy for drugs. So why is the war on the Mexican side of the border?

Americans are impenetrably stupid about immigration. But a war of that magnitude and violence inside the United States would cause even the theologically-obsessed American morons to see that we don’t want Mexico here.

So the war is kept on the other side of the border and is never used as an argument against populating this country with the same workers who make Mexico what it is.

In the longer term it will be racist to say that outright war like that should not be inside the United States. That will take a while, but, like everything else I have predicted, it will come to pass if we let the present arguments go by without comment, as respectable conservatives are paid to do.

It is population, not appearences, that makes a country what it is