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Front Groups and the Mantra

The European Large Hadron Collider project is the one that has atoms smashing into each other so as to study the production of anti-matter. I understand this is part of the latest Dan Brown book after his DaVinci Code.

I happened to read of cost overruns in this project, and that “Environmentalists are using this as a reason to shut the project down.” The average reader probably had no idea that the environmental movement wanted to shut it down.

The LHC is pure research. Environmentalists waited until billions were invested in atomic power before they stopped it cold in the US. But it is not the environment that is the point here, it is the billions.

Today’s environmentalism has as little to do saving clean air and so forth as today’s socialism has to do with the welfare of the workers. In our day of ideological professionalism, old causes have long since been taken over by those who make them fronts for a particular ideology.

Note how casually the magazine referred to how environmentalists were pointing to these cost overruns to kill the LHC project. It was merely a report, not a partisan attack. What was interesting was that the writer of the piece took it for granted that no one would have any trouble understanding that the Green Movement opposes this basic research on new means of power generation.

But I am the only person who sees that report and THINKS about it. The connection between wanting a planned world and being against technology is understood, but most people don’t understand what you mean when you say it.

A planned world is a static world. Communism tried to catch up with America and other developed countries, and it was impossible. To any environmentalist “growth” is an evil word. But one thing no one on the left ever mentioned during the Cold War was the fantastic amount of environmental destruction under every Communist regime.

Only factories in capitalist countries produced pollution. Jane Fonda didn’t talk about Chernobyl.

You recognize these things as obvious WHEN I SAY THEM. But a practical dialogue about the real world is difficult unless we all get to the point where we no longer have to explain these connections in detail, a Point B in getting from Point A to Point C.

The Mantra is on the way to showing people that anti-racists are anti-white. When that is done, though the lead time will be very large, people will learn that a planned world movement naturally tends to be an anti-science movement

Complaints about how badly income is distributed have been legitimate since before Christ made them. But we all know that today, someone who talks about income distribution is almost invariably part of a movement that wants all the money to distribute for its own members.

You can’t discuss anything rationally without Mantra Thinking.